Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Going tiny....

Good evening friends.

My days are defined by the amount of  plasterdust and pieces of wallpaper I shake out of my clthing at the moment during the first stages of our renovation project. (if you are interested in following our progress our dedicated blog detailing the transformation to our dream home and lifestyle can be found HERE. )

Now that I am slightly more settled into a routine I have set up a temporary creative zone and am happy to feed my creative soul again.
I have been experimenting a little and made half a dozen tiddly little journals. And when I say tiddly, I do mean tiddly...
Each one is about an inch diameter. Embossed Aluminium discs. I was a little nervous about putting them through my machine but as you can see, they came out the other side okay. 
I painted them with Vintaj paints and sanded back to bring back the silver of the raised design.
I stitched some  square pages and used some silver metal tape for the spine. Glued everything together and left to dry. Then I had a fun time (slightly sarcastic tone) trimming the pages into the circle shape. I can tell you now that I won't be making any more of them, they took forever to cut!
When I finally had them done I used some pewter gilding wax to cover the edges of the books.

They are cute, now I need to dig out my 0.005mm pen......

Hope you like.
Take care and more (easier) mini books coming soon.

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