Friday, 12 October 2018

Slightly bigger, but still small.

Hi there friends.
I trust that you are all well. Today the wind is swirling along with rain while I wait for the chimney sweep (now that's a sentence I never really thought I would utter) I am catching up with a few bits and pieces and thinking of which of the thousand and one creative ideas I have rattling around in my mind I should start today.
I have been enjoying a making a few smaller pieces recently.
These are my two latest little journals. I am working my way through a lot of the bits I have accumulated over the years. The covers of these books are made with Vintaj brass blanks which I embossed. This first one has just been sanded back to reveal the brass of the embossing.

I have used one of my stamps to create interesting end papers and the journal has been hand stitched before being given a fabric spine.

This second one has been done in the same way with the exception that I painted the embossed blanks with the Vintaj paints before sanding back.

I'm very pleased with them. Hope you like them too.

Hope you all have a creative weekend.
Take care.

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Birgit said...

Wow! I love these little journal books! You must love working with "the smaller the better". My mom loved working and creating something very tiny. I have no idea how you created the pages..I know you mentioned ..blecchhh...sewing but I am still in awe. I love the inside part that you created with your stamps as well. Love both and so eye catching.