Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A trio of journals

Good morning friends.
I trust that this finds you well.  I'm finally beginning to catch up on some projects that have been sort of left half done with one thing and another.

One of these projects is a little trio of journals created using elements from a Warhammer model. I thoroughly enjoyed making these.

The finished journals

To make these I cut a frame of greyboard and glued the panels in place. Each frame was then painted with DecoArt Media white crackle paint and left to dry.

 Each cover was then painted with DecoArt Chalk paint.

I used the chalk paint almost as a primer as it adheres to pretty much most surfaces. It's almost like having a range of coloured gesso. I love it.
Once everything was dry I added loads of drybrush detail using DecoArt Fluid Acrylic and DecoArt Metallic Lustre before finishing of with a wash of Quinacridone Gold.

 One of the finished journals.
 I stitched the inside pages and gave them a canvas spine.
I attached the book to the covers, trimming out the end paper so you can see the inside detail of the panels.

 The other two finished journals.
I'm really happy with the finished project and now am trying to work out how to display them.
Hope you like them too and that you have a fun and creative day.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

A couple of journals.

Howdy friends.

I hope you are well and still hanging in there with me. Been a while again since my last post but I have finally got a few things that have been finished (at last!) so I actually do have a few things to share....
I thought I'd start off with a couple of journals that I got finished yesterday in preparation for my trip away soon.

The pages are made from watercolour card which I tore into size rather than cut. Each book has 8 signatures of 2 pieces each as the card is pretty thick.
I measured and punched holes in each signature.
Then I cut my thread intro approximately 30cm lengths.
Starting from the outside going in

Then up and out the other side.
Then I pressed all the pages together using a flower press to hold everything in place.

Then I tied the first and second threads together into a knot.
Then tied the second and third thread into a knot; the third and fourth; well you get the picture I'm sure. Repeat for the bottom row.
For the covers I used some old leather that I picked up from an antiques shop ages ago. I tore it in half and simply glued and folded it over the pages.
I trimmed the top and bottom but left the edges overhanging and rough.

The result; a simple rustic casual sketch book ready to enjoy.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Another Christmas bauble

Goodly morrow my friends.
I trust that you are all well and enjoying a lovely creative weekend.
On Wednesday this week my daughter and I had a day off together so we wandered down to Folkstone to spend a bit of time down by the harbour and meander through the creative quarter. Having recently invested in a new camera my daughter wanted to see what it could do. So I toddled along with my camera too which is nowhere near as fancy but I still had fun. I won't bore you with tons of pics, but I do like this one of the Creative Quarter.

Also this week I have finished another bauble for this year's Christmas tree using another of the Creative Expressions MDF baubles.

 I had a bauble already covered with paper and glitter. It just needed further developing.

I also had a pile of "left on my desk" gilding flakes from my Inspire project.
So, I added some random areas of glue onto the bauble and  wiped up the flakes from the desk.
 Then I added some Quinacridone Violet and Pthalo Turquoise to the edges.
 I tied a ribbon to the top and then used Liquid Glass to add some raised detail to one side.
 Once it had dried I used Treasure Brass to highlight the pattern.
 Then, to finish the bauble I added a metal flower.

It was another fun project to do.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Good morning friends
I trust that this finds you well. Today I have a day off and have decided to be shamefully self indulgent and do nothing that smacks remotely of work.
But that's besides the point. Today I thought I'd share my latest make with you.

This is one of Creative Expressions "staged sentiments"  The Art Deco style of writing really appealed to me.
I began by painting everything with DecoArt Fluid Acrylic in Quinacridone Violet and Pthalo Turquoise.

 While that was drying I stamped my Fantasy 2 background onto white card in Jet Black Archival Ink and cut and glued it behind the "closed" letters and the open hearts at the bottom.
 A bit of random stamping on the base using the same stamp. I also did some heat embossing to the base too. (I just forgot to take a picture)
 Then I decided to add so gilding. I used the Cosmic shimmer gilding glue on a piece of Cut and Dry foam and added that to the upper part of the letters. I decanted some flakes into a container and then proceeded to make a mess.......
 Once everything was covered I removed the loose flakes with a brush and rubbed everything down.
 I stamped some Distress ink onto my craft sheet and
  used a water filled brush to colour in the stamped elements.
 I took one of That Craft Place's Keys and painted it with the same colours. I added some Treasure Brass to highlight everything and attached it to the base with a drop of glossy accents.
 Job done. I had fun doing it and it got the wife's seal of approval as she has already stolen it so it's all good.
Hope you have a good day folks.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Anyone for Christmas?

Good morning friends.
Yes I know that a lot of people are not even thinking of it yet but since I don't really do much for Halloween I thought I'd make a start on some Decorations for Christmas.....

Creative Expressions have a gorgeous range of MDF shapes which include lovely big baubles in different shapes. So I've have a play with a couple of them. One is finished so I thought I'd share it with you
 I decided to have a bit of a play with gilding flakes.
 Add some of the glue onto a piece of cut and dry foam.
 Use this to "ink up" your stamp. You need a fairly solid design to get the best results so I've used this lovely flourish stamp from The Artistic Stamper. Press your shape onto the stamp and remove. (Remember to wash your stamp immediately.) The glue will stay tacky.
 Add your flakes to the shape and brush and rub off to reveal your pattern.
 Add some colour using DecoArt Fluid Acrylic. The gilding acts as a resist and the effect is pretty cool.
 Add a piece of silver washi tape to the decoration.
 Ink up your sentiment and stamp with Archival ink onto the tape.
 I opted for Peace on Earth.
 Cover everything with DecoArt Triple Thick Glaze and leave to dry.
 To finish, tie some organza ribbon to the top. Add some ribbon for a hanging loop and add a couple of small co ordinating tattered flowers.


It was fun to make and I think it's going to look pretty cool on the tree this year.