Friday, 8 February 2019

Shining lights

Good morning friends.
Back again and this time we're up to Christmas lol. This year the budget didn't stretch to splashing out so it was a handmade gift opportunity.......

 This was my time to get creative for my daughters other halves. Luckily they are both gamers so I raided the studio where I had a couple of lamps and game pieces I had picked up earlier in the year to make them each a desk lamp.

 These are them in progress. They always look a little bit messy to begin with...


Then they start to look a little better when the gesso goes on.

 But of course, the real magic happens when you bring out the paints and waxes......
This is the first one done.

 And the second.

I thoroughly enjoyed making these and both were well received which is always a plus! I used my trusty DecoArt Media products; black modeling texture, Fluid Acrylics and Metallic Lustres and sealed with spray varnish.
Hope you like them.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Truth Journal

Good morning everyone.
The stranger is attempting a comeback....... My creative life has been swallowed up over the last few months in brick dust and demolition along with getting our home down south ready for sale.
Now I finally find myself with a bit of time again.
So I am looking back and I'm going to try to catch up and share the projects I have managed to create but not share.....
For this first one we are going back to June 2018! 
Frustratingly, I appear not to have taken a finished picture before giving it to the person, but this is the closest to finished I have.

 To make it I took two pieces of card and used thinlits gears and cogs randomly placed before die cutting.

The dies cut through the top layer but only part cut through the bottom piece which gives a pretty cool textural piece as a base layer.

 I layered the cut out pieces onto this and onto the covers.

 I hand cut the letters from a piece of card that I had covered with gears and assembled everything, adding texture paste for more interest.

 Then it was time for paint and gilding. Layer upon layer of washes and gilding wax to really bring out the textures.


 Final washes with black and brown gave the aged look I was after.

The book was filled with vintage sea charts, with decorative edges just for fun.

 Textured end papers to add the finishing touch.

It was a really fun project to do. Hope you like it.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Squeezing time.....

Good evening folks.
As you possibly know, my recent life has been taken up with the fact that we decided it was a good idea to buy a fixer upper ....well the last few months have seen me "destroying the place" in my wife's words. Though I have been exhausted I still have been squeezing a little time in the evenings to have a little creative time. Unfortunately the place I was staying at had a pretty slow internet connection so I didn't have the patience to wait ages for each photo to load, hence the quietness here.
But here for your delectation are some of the fruits of my labours.......

 This was a fun journal to make. I raided my paper stash to create a "Mixed Media" journal using black, white and water colour card, Vintage sea charts and papyrus. The covers are using my Ancient kit and some Andy Skinner elements.
 I was very pleased with the end result.
 So happy that I made another couple with the same mix of pages.

Another fun little set were these two canvas covered water colour books. Stamped with my butterfly stamp and further decorated with some of my mask designs.
 The butterfly has been covered with DecoArt Liquid Glass which gives it a lovely raised gloss finish but still remains fully flexible when dry making it perfect for items that need to be able to move.

I had more fun creating a couple of these heart journals too. Using what I decided to call my "Frankenstein Stitch" to reduce the cover canvas slightly. Again, I have used one of my stamps and Liquid glass.

Slowly and surely I am building up stock....... and having a lot of creative fun along the way too.
Hope you all have a good creative time and i'll catch you later.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Slightly bigger, but still small.

Hi there friends.
I trust that you are all well. Today the wind is swirling along with rain while I wait for the chimney sweep (now that's a sentence I never really thought I would utter) I am catching up with a few bits and pieces and thinking of which of the thousand and one creative ideas I have rattling around in my mind I should start today.
I have been enjoying a making a few smaller pieces recently.
These are my two latest little journals. I am working my way through a lot of the bits I have accumulated over the years. The covers of these books are made with Vintaj brass blanks which I embossed. This first one has just been sanded back to reveal the brass of the embossing.

I have used one of my stamps to create interesting end papers and the journal has been hand stitched before being given a fabric spine.

This second one has been done in the same way with the exception that I painted the embossed blanks with the Vintaj paints before sanding back.

I'm very pleased with them. Hope you like them too.

Hope you all have a creative weekend.
Take care.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Going tiny....

Good evening friends.

My days are defined by the amount of  plasterdust and pieces of wallpaper I shake out of my clthing at the moment during the first stages of our renovation project. (if you are interested in following our progress our dedicated blog detailing the transformation to our dream home and lifestyle can be found HERE. )

Now that I am slightly more settled into a routine I have set up a temporary creative zone and am happy to feed my creative soul again.
I have been experimenting a little and made half a dozen tiddly little journals. And when I say tiddly, I do mean tiddly...
Each one is about an inch diameter. Embossed Aluminium discs. I was a little nervous about putting them through my machine but as you can see, they came out the other side okay. 
I painted them with Vintaj paints and sanded back to bring back the silver of the raised design.
I stitched some  square pages and used some silver metal tape for the spine. Glued everything together and left to dry. Then I had a fun time (slightly sarcastic tone) trimming the pages into the circle shape. I can tell you now that I won't be making any more of them, they took forever to cut!
When I finally had them done I used some pewter gilding wax to cover the edges of the books.

They are cute, now I need to dig out my 0.005mm pen......

Hope you like.
Take care and more (easier) mini books coming soon.

Monday, 10 September 2018

My latest MG project.

Good morning friends.
I trust this finds you well. This morning I have a project done using Mark Gould's Gypsy Rose Stamp. I really enjoyed doing this and I can see the other three stamps being done to create a nice little montage display, but, I digress, so onto this one.

I enjoy the process of painting on fabric. I think it is because you can't rush it so it gives a chance to slow down and enjoy the process.
I painted with DecoArt Fluid Acrylic paint In Pthalo Turquoise, Metallic Silver, Quin Red, White and Green with a bit of gold too.
Mixing the blue and silver together gave a lovely shimmer to the hair. I gave her a dimensional rose which added a nice bit of  texture to the piece.
You can find the stamps HERE at Chocolate Baroque or from Mark HERE.

For those who are interested I have added a few of the stages so you can see how it was built up.

 Blue and silver blended for the hair.
 Quin Red gives a bit of a tan but don't panic, let it dry.
 Use white to change the colour, build up in layers
 Add shadow details to the cloth as each layer has dried.
Add gold highlighting the earring. To finish paint the frame in dark blue and when dry add white over to bring out the texture.
Glue the rose and leaves in place.

Have a lovely day folks.