Thursday, 19 February 2015

Going Mechanical

Good afternoon friends.
Back again this afternoon with another closer look at one of my new book cover kits; this time it is Mechanical which is A5.......Two covers, a spine, 1 main front embellishment and one sheet of smaller elements make up this kit.
Begin by joining the covers and spine with fabric if you want to create a proper book. Place the main embellishment onto the front and push out the remaining elements.

Like all my kits, how you put them together is up to you and your imagination but this is how I put this one together this time. The two circles on the back cover are the insides of the two rings that go on the front.

Once everything is glued and dried, use your finger to add some embossing ink to random areas of the cover and sprinkle some clear UTEE. Heat to melt.

Paint everything with a coat of DecoArt black gesso and add some colour with Media Fluid Acrylics to random areas.

When everything is dry it's time to start the magic..... Begin to LIGHTLY add various colours of Treasure Gold to the book. Use very little and keep the touch light and build up the colours. As you work you will see all the textures come out and add depth and layers. Use a mask to add further interest to the back (This is my new mask Random 2)

Cut a little piece of gutter mesh and tuck it in the aperture to add interest.

 Add some stamped detail to part of the raised elements. I've used my Fantasy 1 and 2 stamps which are perfect for this.
Add decorative endpapers and book pages and you have your journal.
Hope you like it....
Catch up again soon with another one

Monday, 16 February 2015

Random 1 Book cover kit

Good afternoon folks.
I trust you are well. In my last post I shared with you 7 of my 8 new book cover kits. (HERE is the round up if you missed it) Now I thought I'd spend a little time this week going through each book in more detail.
I decided to start with the 6x6 kits which have been a popular size. The addition of the three new designs brings the total range to 8 in this size.
Today I'll take a closer look at Random 1

When you open the kit you will find the 2 covers, a spine and one sheet of the decorative panel.  I chose to leave the "waste" pieces within the panel so you will need to push them out to reveal the design. Why did I do this? Because I thought they would be good to use (as you will see later in the post)
 First of all you need to put the covers together. Use a strip of fabric cut larger and glue the spine and covers to it using DecoArt Faux Medium. Remember to leave a gap as large as the thickness of the cover either side.
 Once that is dry, choose how you want the cover embellishment to be.
 Paint the covers with a couple of colours of DecoArt Fluid Acrylics (including the spine) You can add water as you go to spread the coverage with minimum loss of colour which I love. I painted directly onto the plain chipboard as I wanted a "dull" finish to my bright colours.  To keep your colours bright you paint everything white first!
 This is where the "waste" elements come in.  Use elements to add a decorative detail to the back of the book.
 Use the element to cut out a temporary mask from card as seen here.
 Use this mask to stamp onto the front cover with Archival Ink and my Alphabet Soup stamp.  Cover the whole of the back cover with the stamp. Stamp the bird onto white card in black ink and colour with the paint.
 Colour the front panel and the pieces that you use with a combination  of green and yellow paint. Glue everything in place
 Back cover.
Front cover.

 Create 9 signatures consisting of 3 pieces of 200gsm card and sew them directly onto the  spine of the book.
 Take a piece of decorative wool and a thick needle and begin to weave it through the signature threads.
to create a decorative element spine detail.

Use a mask and Distress Ink to create end papers and add to the inside of the book. This is the Random 2 mask and Spiced Marmalade and Stormy Sky.
So there you have it, a closer look at one of my new books, hope you like it.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

New Kits and Masks.

Good morning friends
How are you all doing? I feel like I am on a bit of a treadmill at the moment but hey, there's nothing unusual about that is there; I think many of us feel the same. But I'm not here to whinge and whine but rather to share about my new book cover kits and masks.........
However, before I do that, remember the envelopes I made last week? Well, this is where they ended up

You can get the full details over at The Craft Barn Blog HERE if you want to see how it all was put together.

For the last few weeks I have been getting new book cover designs finished which is both exhilarating and exhausting lol but I am excited to be able to begin to share them with you now!

For those who haven't worked it out yet, one of my passions in craft is book making . I love books, and love to create my own art journals. I think there is something immensely satisfying in holding a book in your hands and knowing that you have created it.
 My kits are intended to be a springboard for you to create a book by providing elements to build with. Every book has a photo of a book to give you an idea of a finished journal but but the reality is that there is a 1001 different ways to use them and that's the fun.
So, this morning I thought I would introduce you to the finished designs and during the week I'll share each book in more detail giving you details of the techniques used and some of the different bindings.

This release has 5 A5 journal kits: Mechanical, Elemental, Heartbeat(no photo yet as it needed a bit of modification), Tangled Layers and Patchwork Flourish. (The first 3 kits are single journals and the last 2 come as one kit to create 2 journals.)



Tangled Layer

Patchwork Flourish

Then there are 3 6 x 6 kits; Random 1, 2 and 3. Yes, I know, not perhaps the most exciting of names, but it seemed appropriate.

 Random 1

 Random 2

All available as masks too.....

Hope you like them. Available soon from stockists of Tando Creative products so do please feel free to begin to "pester" your local craft store to get some in LOL....
I'd love to hear your thoughts too. And over the next week I will be sharing more step by steps for each book.
Now, however I need to toddle off to work.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Making envelopes

Good morning friends.
I trust this finds you well.
The other day I decided to have a play with the We are Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board. I'm sure I'm not the only one who buys a tool when it comes out but doesn't get round to using it for a while?
Now that I've used it though, I definitely will be using it a lot as it is so simple to use!

Anyway, I thought I'd share my first envelopes with you and later this week I'll share how I used them....

 The board comes with a chart of card size, the paper size needed and a measure guide. I was making 6 x 6 envelopes so the first thing to do is trim the paper to the size required.
 Then you line up the left edge to the measurement stated on the chart, punch down and then use the in built bone folder to score a line. Everything has a guide so you can't really go wrong.
 Turn the paper and line up the score line with the guide as seen here, punch and score. Repeat this for all four sides.
 You should end up with this!
 Then, using the "reverse" punch round the four outer corners.
 To give you this.

Repeat this to create as many envelopes as you need.
 Fold the two sides in

 Add glue or tape to the bottom flap and fold over to finish

Before you know it you have a pile of envelopes..... this lot took around 15 minutes to make.
It's a great little tool and there are plenty of other things you can do with it too which makes it a very versatile piece of kit. I'll show you some of the other things you can do later in the week and tune in later this week to see where these envelopes ended up.....
Have a great day.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

February Calender Challenge for The Craft Barn

Good afternoon folks.
I find it hard to get my head around the fact that it is February already.  Which means that it is time for The Craft Barn's Calender Challenge.
For February we are looking to see the colour RED and HEARTS on your calender. If you didn't already know; the blog has moved back to Blogger so you can see the post HERE.

This is my project

 Here it is on the calender, I think I'll be moving things around as I develop it over the year so nothing has actually been stuck down.
This is how I made it.

 I gave the board a quick coat of gesso.
 Following that I added a piece of Tim Holtz tissue with DecoArt Faux Finishing Medium.
 When it was dry I sanded the edges off which gives you a nice neat  edge.
 Then, colour was added with Fluid Acrylic in Quinacridone Red.
 A bit of a spritz through the Moroccan mask  with DecoArt's Red Media Mister.
 Some Quin Red colours the heart and the tiny people were coloured with Archival ink.
 I stamped the board with the key stamp
The heart was stamped with another Kaisercraft stamp and everything was then glued together to finish.

All products are available from The Craft Barn