Monday, 19 September 2016

DecoArt meets Warhammer - Let there be light....

Hi there folks.
It's been a while but I have been busy. Today I finally had the chance to get my latest project finished so here it is....
 My steampunk inspired lamp. I love these vintage light bulbs and wanted to create something that suited the "olde worlde" style of them.
 It took forever to find a suitable base but then I discovered this at Homesense and it was perfect.
 Then I had fun creating the finish I wanted.........
I'm so pleased with the finished light, everything came together (for a change!) so, in the following pics I'll take you through the process for those who are interested.

 I super glued some Warhammer Promethian pipes to the pipe of the lamp (They were a perfect fit which was one of the prblems finding the right base!)
 I added a selection of die cut gears to the base to add interest, gluing them in place with DecoArt Faux Finish Medium.
 I added some decorative metal trim to the top securing with copper tape and wire.
 When everything was in place it was time to add a layer of gesso, a fiddly, time consuming but necessary process.

 Then time to add colour. My "go to" colours for creating aged metal are DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic Prussian Blue Hue and Burnt Sienna. Using both separately but blending as you work, the combination gives amazing blue, green and rust tones. It can take a while to get the balance of colours right but it's worth experimenting.

 Once you are happy with it, leave to dry. Then, it,s time to begin to bring back all the details that get lost.  So drybrushing here we come...... Fans of Andy Skinner will know ALL about this LOL
 I used DecoArt Fluid Acrylic Medium  Grey Value 6.  This steps takes a while , so  I had to exercise patience..........
 The final stage in paint and colour is the addition of metallic highlights to bring even more detail out in areas. I used DecoArt Metallic Lustre in Copper Kettle.
Then it was time to raid the embellishment drawer for some finishing touches. Then, everything sealed with DecoArt Acrylic Sealer, Matte.
Job done. Hope you like it and, more importantly, I hope I have inspired you!
Take care and see you soon.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Playing with Yupo

Good morning friends.
I trust that you are all well. A little while ago before going on holiday I wandered down to The Artistic Stamper for a catch up with Jennie and a mooch around the shop. One of the things I picked up was a sheet of Yupo paper. What I liked was the fact that Jennie sells it by the sheet which is perfect if you just want to try it without having to purchase a whole pack.
 It is an unusual surface, not really paper, more like a plastic sheet, similar to Tyvek. I started off using a selection of Alcohol ink colours and blending solution to create the background.
 Then, I laid one of my masks over it, I loaded a piece of felt with blending solution and used it to take away some of the colour.
 When it was dry I stamped one of my birds onto it using black StazOn ink. I coloured with a copper and silver Sharpie marker to give the bird a solid body so you couldn't see the background through.
To finish I stamped some flourishes, edged the piece with copper marker and matted it onto black card. It made the perfect front piece for this 8 x 8 album I had done ages ago.

Products used:

Winged Flourish Mask - Neelzexpressionz
Black Card
Metallic Markers

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Round up time.

Hi folks.
It's been a while again. It was a manic few weeks trying to train up a replacement for my role at work. Then straight into a much needed two week holiday ! As Susan was still in South Africa I wandered my way up to Liverpool and had a thoroughly wonderful week staying with my cousin and exploring a myriad of places both new and old.
 Crosby Beach
 The Ice Cream Farm
 Coffee break in Cheshire
 Bee ing happy at Ness Gardens

New Brighton.

Not much crafting was achieved, though I managed to do a little painting of furniture for my cousin,
Then it was a midnight drive back down to Kent to pick Susan up on her return, a couple of days relaxing before heading back up to Liverpool, this time taking Alyssa up as she has moved up there.
Back again just in time to go back to work, this time in a new role. Now the week is done and I'm getting ready to start the new.
I have my evenings back which is a real treat and this evening I have spent a few hours sorting and tidying the studio so hopefully it won't take too long before normal creative service resumes......
So you can see what happened with these........

and this........
Catch you later guys.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Layered Acrylic ATCs

Good morning friends.
I trust that this finds you well.  In the current issue of Craft Stamper magazine, My buddy Mark Gould has a project using these  (made by That's Crafty, available HERE)
Seeing this inspired me to have a go so I thought I'd share the results with you. I made two in the end (one just wasn't enough and to be honest I would probably have made more if I had had more in the studio LOL)

Here are the finished ones

The photos don't really do them justice. In reality they are crystal clear and look amazing.

These are the three layers of the left hand side one.

For the one on the left I began by stamping my Fantasy background stamp onto the  thickest piece of acrylic using black StazOn. When dry I used DecoArt Fluid Acrylic to colour the back and covered it all with a layer of white paint to increase the intensity of the colour and to cover any gaps. This really helps the colours to pop out.

The middle section has some circle elements from my Fantasy border stamped and painted the same way
 The final layer uses my Mechanical Bird stamp.

I then did the same process for the second.

Layer one, part of the Fantasy Background.

Layer two, part of the Fantasy  Border

Layer three, small bird from the set of 4 Birdz stamp.

The finished ATC.
These were really fun to create so thanks Craft Stamper and Mark for the inspiration! Now I need to get some more!

My stamps are available from The Artistic Stamper HERE.
Have a great day folks

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Further to my previous post.

Hi guys.
 As promised, today I'm here to share the "more practical" side of my altered drawer unit.
Plenty of pics and some lessons learned (by me!) along the way....

 This is the starting point, a small drawer unit and the frame of the aquarium.
 I began by adding DecoArt Media crackle paste through various masks
 This is where lesson one comes into play. If you want your paste to stick you need to either prime or sand your unit. I forgot!
 So, once I realised it was beginning to flake off as it dried I just very quickly painted over everything with DecoArt Chalky finish paint because I didn't feel like starting again! Not that i'm a lazy crafter or anything....... because chalk paint adheres I managed to salvage my start with a little loss of detail. But hey, I was after a weathered faded abandoned look so I was cool with it. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it)
 Once the first coat was dry I glued on an assortment of gears and cogs and added a patchy layer of my second colour of chalk paint.
 Followed by a third colour, also in patches. This is where you step back and think, o my word this is SUCH a mess, I've ruined a perfectly good piece of furniture!
 Lastly, I added a final light covering of my fourth colour and left to dry.
 For the next stage. The exciting bit where everything begins to come together and become more cohesive, I took a mix of white spirit and bitumen paint and brushed it over everything.
 Once it's dried a bit I began to wipe it away to lighten and reveal the layers underneath. A tedious and messy job involving white spirit and copious cloths.

 The next stage is fun, adding Metallic Lustre to bring out the details.
I painted the frame of the tank with a light coat of chalk paint, To finish it off I added a wooden element I had made along with a chain with a gear and cog pendant.

The end result is this. I love it to bits. So, the tale may not be as romantic as the previous post but hopefully you enjoyed seeing how it all came together.

DecoArt Products used.

Media white crackle paste
Chalky Finish paint - Rustic, Legacy, Enchanted and Relic
Metallic Lustre - Gold Rush
Light Satin Varnish