Sunday, 20 May 2018

A quick(ish) little DIY

Good evening friends.
It has been another busy few weeks around here. I am finding it difficult to get my head round the fact that in less that three weeks my job will cease to one sense it has felt like it has taken forever for them to process the redundancies and in another sense it feels like it's hurtling towards me at a dizzying rate of knots!

So, soon I will have to make some choices, try to narrow down our dreams and plans for the future... one thing I do know is that there will be some pretty drastic changes in the future.

But, closer to hand is the fact that next Saturday, May 26th, you will find me back at the Angel Centre in Tonbridge  at the Artisan Craft and Gift Fair.

So, today I decided to have a bit of a tart up of the white shelves I used to display some of my books last month.
I wanted something different and as my table colours are greens generally I kept to greens and blue undertones using DecoArt Chalk Paint..

The background is a vintage shipping chart. I love that they have handwritten notes on them.

Everything has been covered and "splashed" with a bitumin and spirit solution to age the colours and the map too.

It was a fun little project and I look forward to setting it all up next weekend and if you are in the area do pop along and say hi!

Of, course I need to have some new books too so here's a peek at a couple of new ones..... More details in a separate post later lol.

Enjoy the rest of you evening folks.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Mixed Up Monthly Challenge...........

Good morning everyone.
I trust that this finds you all well.  Today is the first post of the new Mixed Up Monthly challenge. I am so happy to be a part of this new team and hope you will join in the fun. Here in the UK today is a bank holiday so quite a few of you will be enjoying a lovely relaxing day. Unfortunately I am not one of hopefully I have scheduled this post correctly !

So, welcome to our first Make It Mixed Media Challenge. Get messy with us and create mixed media marvels - you could even win a prize! The prize winner will be chosen at random, to give players of all experience levels an equal chance. The Design Team will also choose our favourite Project of the Month.
This months them is : TEXTURE:

 All the pictures, inspiration and information from myself and the rest of the team can be found over HERE along with the important How to join in details so I do hope to see you there.

Here is a hint of my contribution just to whet your appetite........

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Did I tell you?

Hi folks.
Hasn't it been a lovely day?
My daughter always shares a sentiment on a Sunday; something along the lines of "Sunday isn't proper unless you waste it and then start to panic around 9pm"
Well that is me today. I had all grand intentions but ...........

Still it was a wonderful day and I hope you all had one too. Unfortunately I am back at work tomorrow so no extra lie in possible.

I just wanted to pop on though and share the exciting news that I was asked to be a part of my good buddy Mark Gould's new DT for his new Stamps, available from Chocolate Baroque.
I'd love it if you popped on over to meet the rest of the team and say hi......
 Click HERE to pop on over.
Tomorrow, Monday 9AM UK time will be the first post (not from me) and then a new post every Monday. I am looking forward to seeing how I can push and stretch myself creatively as a part of this team.
In the meantime, here's a teaser picture of something I'm doing...

Sunday, 29 April 2018


Good morning friends.

Today I am super excited to share the news that I am part of the new Mixed Media Monthly Challenge DT over at Mixed Up Magazine.
I have really missed being on a Design Team and am thrilled that I have been selected.
I would love it if you popped on over to the blog HERE to "meet" the rest of the team!
The first challenge goes live on May 7th and there will, of course, be prizes.........
I look forward to sharing over there and hopefully inspire too.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Craft Fair and new journal

Good morning friends.
I hope you are well. Last Saturday saw my first foray into the Craft Fair sellers market for a long while.
Don't you find it scary to put yourself and your art out there for public scrutiny? I certainly do!

This was the setting up stage.....

And this is set up and all ready to go....
I had a good day and sold some bits, everyone who engaged with me was lovely and we had some good conversations and am looking forward to next month's event.
Of course I had to make some new journals too so thought I'd share some pictures with you because I know you crafty lot enjoy seeing the progress stages.....

Take care and I hope you have a creative time this weekend.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

My Dreamkeepers

Good morning everyone.
I trust this finds you well. Today I thought I'd take the opportunity to share with you my new favourite project....
May I introduce to you Ophelia, Evangalina and Phelomana; the keepers of dreams and guardians of hopes (and fears too)

I had the idea for these ladies a little while ago having been inspired by other altered brushes but I wanted to move one step beyond to create something that was both beautiful and also useful too.

Hence all my ladies have themselves a lovingly hand crafted journal tucked neatly behind themselves.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love art for art's sake, however Increasingly I find myself wanting to create art that can be used as well as appreciated by the person who has it. It's almost as if I want people to interact and build upon what I have created.

To create my brushes I have used a variety of bits and pieces from my collection, some air clay moulded elements attached with DecoArt Media Texture pastes. When everything was dry Everything was gessoed white before adding colour with DecoArt Media Fluid acrylic paint.

When everything was dry I used DecoArt Metallic Lustres to add the shimmer and shine and bring out the textures, after all, a girl's gotta have some bling right?

To finish off I gave them all a coat of DecoArt Media Crackle Glaze for further texture.

After everything was dry I measured and cut covers for the journals. I covered them with binding fabric before adding some simple gilded detail to the covers using my Winged Pattern mask.

I cut, trimmed and sewed the signatures to create the text block for inside using 200gsm card. Before adding the text block I laid  an organza ribbon inside the cover to create a tie and adhered the text block to the cover. Once the little books came out of the press I adhered them to the back using a hot glue gun.  Now my ladies can stand up by themselves which I think is cool.

I display them inside a glass cloche (to keep them free of dust because I'm a lazy cleaner lol) but they look cool standing on a shelf too.
I hope you like them. Now that I have made these three (well four actually because my wife snagged the other one,which is always a good sign in my view.) I have a whole host of little voices in my head clamouring to see the light of day so I think you can expect to see plenty more coming along when I have time to get them out of my head.........
Take care and hope you have the chance for creativity today.

Monday, 9 April 2018

It's all changing....

Hi guys.
It has been a bumpy and rocky start to 2018 for me and to be honest it is still a little bumpy. However things are changing and it will not be too long before I will be re focusing on the creative side of my life again so watch this space come June/July.....
As part of the change I am taking the plunge and starting to sell some of my hand made journals. I will be attending my first craft fair on Saturday at The Angel Centre in Tonbridge with a small selection of things so if you are local I would love to see you there...

Take care,

Friday, 2 March 2018

Little things....

Good morning,
Just popping on before work to share a little project.
I wanted to make a few little gifts for my colleagues at work and thought that post it note folders were the ideal thing as we are always using them.
So, taking the size I made folders from card and covered them with fabric as I wanted them to be reusable and to be able to take the wear and tear of being shoved in pockets.
I used Infusions  and water to add colour and left to dry before adding the post it pads.

I then stamped a selection of my bird stamps onto watercolour cardstock using Archival ink.

Then it was time to add some colour using Distress Markers.

When dry, I cut them into squares to fit onto the top of the holders. I then used DecoArt Media Matte Medium to seal everything and make the colours waterproof. (Tip, to prevent bleeding of the ink from the image I put a very thin layer on to begin with and dried it with a heat gun, That way, when I added a second layer the colours didn't run!)

The finished pads looked pretty cool I thought, and they were well received too.

Hope you have a good day everyone.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Altered Frame

Good morning friends.
I trust this finds you well. It has been a difficult start to the year, I was hoping that it was going to be a better year than 2017  so here's hoping that the year improves as it goes on.....

Today I thought I would pop on to share a picture frame that I have recently altered using DecoArt products. I love the details on the frame but the plain white plastic finish definitely didn't float my boat.

I began with a coat of DecoArt Chalk Paint in a lovely deep brown. I left it to dry for a bit but not totally.

I began working over this with a light DecoArt Chalk Paint (Primitivo I think) which blended in beautifully with the under layer of brown to create a more distressed and faded finish.

 I rubbed some areas back a bit give a more weathered effect and left to dry thoroughly.

Next it was time to add some bling with DecoArt Metallic Lustres.

The final aging was achieved with a wash of DecoArt Fluid Acrylic Media in Quinachrodone Gold and Carbon Black.

I left this to dry thoroughly before adding a but more of the Lustre. When dry I filled it with vintage styled photos from a trip to Beamish last year.

Hope you like it. It's a perfect way to add character and style to an inexpensive frame.
Have a lovely day folks.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

New stamps part 2

Good morning,
I'm back again with my second new release.
This stamp set is perfect for valentines day, anniversary occasions, well, for any occasion where you want to express a little love.....

My first sample though is a little different. I used the square heart for my Christmas cards last year.

Love, Peace and Joy, a simple card but I liked it.

Then, I used the tall stamp in my journal to create a series of "file tabs".

This little grouping of pages are kind of link themed around me, so I thought it worked pretty well to create little tabs. It also adds interest to the journal I thought.

The stamps are available from The Artistic Stamper HERE if you are interested.
Take care folks and have yourselves a brilliant day.