Friday, 31 October 2014

Assembling your hand crafted book (Bookmaking part 3)

Good afternoon friends.
Sitting here basking in the sunshine with the doors open and a warm breeze I find it hard to believe that is the end of October and tomorrow is November, it feels more like summer. Not that I am complaining !
But, I digress; today I thought I'd take a moment to finally share the last stages of book assemblage that I use when creating some of my books.
To refresh your memory - Part 1 was working with the cover and you can see the post HERE
                                        Part 2 was creating the inside pages and the original post is   HERE
So, this makes this post    Part 3 putting it all together. Shall we begin?
So, before we can assemble we need some decorative endpapers - these can be done in any medium you wish. The ones for this book have been created with Dylusions inks, masks and stamping. Cut two pieces of card stock to the same size as your inner pages. Decorate as desired and allow to dry.
You will need your inner pages and your decorated cover.
Other items required are glues, and tapes, which we will cover as we go along.

Take the end papers and score and fold in half (decorative side facing inside) as seen. To strengthen the papers, you can take some brown paper parcel tape and wrap it around the fold (No photo)
Take a piece of strong double sided tape and adhere to the paper, closest to the fold as seen.

Give the rest of the cover a reasonable coating of glue. Spread it out to give a thin covering. (You need enough to allow you to work but not too much that it will ooze out when you weight it down)

 Remove the double sided tape covering and adhere the end paper to the book pages as seen. Remember the fold line needs to be as flush as possible to the page edge.

Repeat this for the other side end paper.
 Take the inner pages and glue the back end paper to the back of the cover. Cover the top end paper with glue and close the cover onto it. Make sure everything is straight and neat and leave overnight under a heavy weight. Resist the temptation to fiddle. It is important to allow the glue to dry properly to help the book keep it's shape when you use it.
When everything is dry. your book is ready to use....... Gorgeous cover (Made by my daughter Alyssa)
 Fun and Funky end papers holding the inner pages together perfectly.
 The inner pages are a combination of card, patterned papers and old atlas pages.
 Some rusty old dog tags embellish the spine

 A great little journal, just ready to be filled.

Hope you found this useful and I'd love to hear from you, and do let me know if you've given it a go......

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Just enough hours for a spot of journaling.

Good morning friends.
I hope you are well. Well, I thought it would take a little while to get used to working full time again and I was right. Knackered .com here lol. All good fun though.
My studio is feeling a little neglected though, I can hear it calling me.
 It's calling me to come and play with these lovely new goodies from The Craft Barn..... maybe tomorrow. all that I have had time for this week is a little journal work. Just detailing pages at work really.
I am working on a few other bits but not had time to finish them yet so here are a couple more journal pages which I don't think I have shared previously.

Hope you all have a lovely day. Catch up soon.....

Monday, 20 October 2014

Hope is an anchor for the soul

Good afternoon friends

Today is the day before a pretty big change (for me anyway) as after four years I return to full time work in a new role. Exciting and scary at the same time.
 In many ways it has been both good and bad only working part time; it gave me time to focus on crafting, teaching and demonstrating for which I am extremely grateful. Having said that; I am looking forward to getting back to working full time to ease some of the practical pressures of life which will allow me to regain some of the joys and passions that creativity brings which kind of got lost along the way.
Which brings me nicely to the title of this post.....
Hope is a word that resonates with me, it has helped me look to the future in foggy times. Hope has brought me a long way and I definitely feel that it has "anchored" me.
You may recall this book box I made using one of my new Book Cover Kits a while ago?

I made the book cover up but instead of making a book from it I turned it into a box using some strips of chipboard. This weekend I finally got round to filling it, thanks to lovely goodies that I received from That Craft Place. They were just perfect to create this.
 The inside paper is Gelli Printed onto old music paper and glued in place. All the embellishments are from That Craft Place. They are a bricks and mortar craft business (Currently in Eastbourne but moving shortly to Polegate) They have a Facebook Group where you can join and see what they have HERE as well as a lovely natter and chatter page too, which is HERE) Lisa makes fab MDF and Greyboard embellishments.
 I stamped the edges of the inside cover with my Fantasy 2 Border stamp and glued the ships wheel in place. I left it natural and just added triple thick glaze to the outer and inner spokes. The centre has a small adhesive pearl coloured with Bronze Distress paint.
 I coloured the sea embellishments with Archival ink (Fern and Orange Blossom) and doodled some details with a back pen. They are glued in place with a glue gun.
 The focal point is this gorgeous key with the word Hope. It was painted with Traditions paint and glazed with Triple Thick Glaze. Below that is an anchor, this was cut off the anchor border Lisa does; painted grey and glazed too. I filled in the rest of the sentence with a black pen.
 Of course, you know how I love books right? So it was inevitable that I would have one here really. I made a simple 6 page book with a jute cover. Glued the starfish to the front and the bakers twine that I used to sew the book was left long to form a wrap binding. I glued the spiral shell to the back and coloured with some Media Interference paints and glued the other shell with a glue gun  to the base, leaving enough of a gap so that the book could be tucked between.
This should give you a better idea of what I mean. I'm really happy with the finished piece. It's something special and marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life.........

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Making a start on my Christmas cards....

Good morning folks.
Usually I leave my Christmas cards until the very last minute and panic. However, this week I impressed myself by actually getting some done. Pretty simple, and reasonably contemporary I think.
 I cut white card down to size to matt onto my card blanks and rounded both the card and matt corners with a punch. I then took my Fantasy 2 stamp. Inked with Coffee Archival and stamped the image onto the card; re inked it, flipped it around and stamped the other side. I used a bit of Forest Moss Distress ink on the edges. To "hide" the stamping join line I used ribbon. I tied this with a bit of twine to gather it in and then added the small deer.
 This uses My Fantasy 1 Background stamp.
 Then I made some with Cobalt Archival ink, Chipped Sapphire Distress ink and  a white ribbon.

 Though you can't really see, I've used Stickles glitter glue to add some seasonal sparkle and some black enamel accents to add eyes to the deer.
 So, now I have at least 10 cards ready. Which is 10 more than I usually have at this time of the year.
Though these images are not Christmas designs, I personally think they work pretty well. What do you think?
My Stamps are available from The Artistic Stamper HERE. They are also available from That Craft Place in Eastbourne and Crafting Time in Cambridge. (If they are out of stock there they will be happy to order in for you)
Edited in reply to Alison's question. For the deer; I had(have) a pile of papers that I had made ages ago. I took one of those and glued it onto card before die cutting the deer. If I can remember it was made originally by covering paper with a mixture of walnut ink and mica inks and laying a piece of clingfilm over and leaving to dry. When it has dried, you get a lovely effect. You can really see it in the photos though. Once die cut each deer was edged in Distress ink (Forest Moss for the brown cards and Chipped Sapphire for the blue.
Now I realise that doesn't really answer your question fully but it is hard to remember. (The inks were from The Stamp Man originally, don't know if they still do them)

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Faded box of treasures

Good afternoon friends.
I'm finally getting some of my personal projects finished. (Insert "lots of photos" warning here LOL) Things that have been started ages ago but then were put to one side for one reason or another. Such a piece is today's offering. It was something that I picked up at a boot fair in the summer and I got as far as this with it
 It's a lovely wooden box with lovely compartments. I covered the outside with strips of masking tape putting a piece of gutter mesh over the glass and taping it down as I went along.
 and some pearls. Then it got left, until now. What follows is a step by step of the process but I will say this now for anyone who thinks they want to give this a go; don't bother sticking the pearls on now, they will come off later in the process! Anyway, on with the project.....

 The first thing I did is give the outside of the box a coat of gesso then while that was drying I made up a wash of DecoArt Prussian Blue Fluid Acrylic and essentially "stained" the top compartment.

 I then used the same wash on the outside of the box and left it all to dry thoroughly.
What I haven't got a photo of is the lid. I decided I wanted to "hide" the inside of the box so I flooded it with a few colours of glass paint.

 When it was dry I then painted the box with Americana Raw Umber paint, left it for around 20 minutes to begin to dry and then began to wipe it back. (It is now that I began to lose the pearls)

 This is where you really get to see the benefit of covering the box with masking tape as it really highlights and brings out some amazing textures.
 I took the pearls and used Distress Paint to add colour and set aside to dry.
Once the box was dry I began to stamp with my Fantasy Background stamp keeping it off the acrylic block and just pressing it randomly. I think it gives a really cool effect.

This is the finished box ( I'll fill in the details as I go)

 I just love the shabby distressed feel on the outside.
 The lid looks pretty cool too. I adhered white on the inside which helps show some of the colours. I snipped open part of the mesh and inserted a MDF cog and a lightbulb charm.

I'm guessing you want to see inside?
 The perfect place to keep all my gorgeous bits and pieces from That Craft Place in Eastbourne!
 If you look in the lid you can see (maybe!) that I've covered the glass with some patterned paper taped in place with a decorative paper tape. To secure larger pieces I stuck 3 pieces of the tape together and stapled the resulting band to either side.
 I was really impressed in finding this box originally, now it's finished and full, I'm even more happy !

This strap holds everything perfectly and now I have everything in one place I am feeling gloriously inspired.....