Monday, 30 March 2015

A little play.

Good evening folks.
Having celebrated my birthday recently; I was spoiled with loads of crafty goodies.

 There's so much I wasn't sure where to start! So I thought I would take a moment this weekend to make some of the butterflies from the new die/embossing folder combo I received.
 I cut and embossed six out of a piece of thin greyboard that had some random scrapings of paint on it.

 Coloured them with stain. The paint acts as a resist to the stain giving a cool effect.
 I popped on a bit of distress embossing powder for some interest.
 Popped on some Distress ink.
 and then took some of it off again......
 Then, I swiped the archival ink over to highlight some of the embossed details
 Lastly I covered them with Liquid Glass and left to dry for 24 hours. Now they look pretty cool (Though the photo definitely doesn't do them justice so I'll take another picture tomorrow.
What I love is how they look like a kind of enameled metal now. I've used the liquid glass by DecoArt because unlike many other gloss mediums that crack, this stuff stays fully flexible when dry meaning that you can shape the wings etc. It is super super cool and I really love it!
I have an idea of what and where I want to use these so hopefully I'll get that done tomorrow before work....
Have a good night folks.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Re purposing

Hi there friends.
Thought today I'd be different and not share a book but rather a storage unit for my masks. Around a year ago I picked up a set of trays that stacked into each other from a boot fair just because I thought I could do something with those. So now I thought I'd better do something finally and I have used the 4 smaller trays to create a drawer unit.
 I started off by adding holes and attaching handles. Because the screws were too long and I knew I didn't have shorter ones I decided to fill the difference with foam board and card as you can see here. Kinda looks scrappy at this stage but it does improve.
 I constructed a box out of foam board and loads of framing tape to hold it together.
 Then it was time to gesso the fronts. This was applied fairly thickly and dabbed rather than brushed on to give a more textured finish and left to dry overnight.
 This morning was the fun bit, adding colour. I have used DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics (Yellow Green Light, Diarylide Yellow and Quinacridone Red) Working and blending the paint as I worked.
 The box got the same treatment.
 The handles had a little Treasure Gold to change the finish slightly.
 And a little more was added onto the drawers to highlight some of the textures.
 A little bit of stamping with my Fantasy 2 Background stamp and job done.

Up in place in the studio and used to keep my masks together.

It was a fun little project to do. I have so many bits and pieces picked up that are just waiting to be transformed that it felt good to have actually managed to use something!
Hope you are all going to have a fun weekend. I'm looking forward to the movies tonight and hopefully a bit of studio time on Sunday......

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Good morning friends.
I trust you are well. Today I thought I'd take a moment to share my newest book cover kit. When the first kits arrived I very quickly realised that the way I had drawn this kit originally didn't translate well in reality so it had to be tweaked.
The new design arrived last week (and was much better!) so I've been working on it every moment I can and this is the result.....


Some detail shots.

For the inside of the book I bound my latest batch of "waste" papers together and sewed the signatures directly onto the spine. I love the random nature of these pages and think they make a great springboard for journaling.

Then, just for fun, I decided to give my spine a fur coat....

Then a scrap of Gelli printed music paper was added in the area that would be exposed by the second layer cover.

When the cover is in place

The hearts were given a coat of Faux Finishing Medium

Followed by a layer of Texture Crackle. I find the Medium gives a bit more tooth for the paste to adhere to and minimises the chance of shedding. The paste was applied with a palette knife and left to dry thoroughly overnight.

I just love the texture this gives. You can also see I've added a few strips of masking tape to the cover too for a bit more interest.

The covers have been painted with DecoArt Traditions paint. (Dioxazine Purple, Transparent Red Iron Oxide and Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide) stippled on with a brush to give a more textured blending. You can see how the lighter tape shows up the colour slightly differently to the board.

The hearts were painted with the same colours.

Then they were wiped back with a moist wipe to reveal the texture. You can see the difference this makes. The Top heart has been done and the bottom one not.

Everything was left to dry. The hearts were given a coat of Faux Finishing Medium to seal and everything was glued in place and left overnight under a weight to dry.

So, there you have it, my latest book cover kit. Hope you like it.
Available soon from your Tando Creative Stockist so feel free to begin to pester them LOL
All other paint and paste products used are DecoArt which are both brilliant quality and reasonably priced.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

It's been a while.....

Good evening folks.
Gosh it has been a while, I feel I should apologise for not being as visible here as I was but life has been pretty busy and crafting time has been rather limited in that though I have been sneaking moments of crafting into my schedule I have very little to show for it as I now need to put everything together!
However, I thought now would be a good time to just touch base with you all and let you know what's cooking in my creative kitchen.
Apart from my new book kits which I have been doing I also celebrated my silver anniversary so I thought I should try to do something about a cake.......
And, no I didn't make the flowers LOL. I did go shopping for moulds and discovered some lovely ones which I tried to use with icing with very little success. The do however work a treat with cloud clay....

I made these the other day so now they are dry enough to work with. I have an idea.....
Saturday March 7 saw me at The Artistic Stamper for my first journal making workshop which was a great day.

Everyone went home with a beautiful hand sewn journal and full of inspiration for more. I'll be back there at the end of may for my second workshop so that's something to look forward to.

I'm also pleased to say that I will be at The Craft Barn on May 2nd for their monthly inspiration day along with the brilliant Lindsay Mason and Helen Chiltern so it would be lovely to see you there. I'll also be doing a journal making workshop later in May there too.

Today, I've been working on the last of my new release Book Cover kit sample, which I am hoping to get finished soon. In between all this I have had a full workload and courses at work so some evenings I just collapse, actually make that most evenings! Still, I'm back down to the studio now so life is good. Catch you all later......

Monday, 2 March 2015

Elemental, a closer look

Good morning friends.
This morning I thought I would share with you a closer look at my new Elemental journal cover kit.

For the outside I assembled the covers with fabric and raided my "scrap" paper pile and glued paper to both sides using DecoArt Faux Finishing Medium; brayering it flat.

While that was drying I glued the other elements to more paper and trimmed it off with a craft knife.

Using my Fantasy 2 background stamp from The Artistic Stamper and black Archival ink I stamped the covers.

I used Distress inks and a mask to add further depth to the larger of the elements.

For the smaller elements I stamped using my Fantasy 1 Background stamp and embossing ink and added some bronze embossing powder to give a random textural finish

When it was cool I inked the piece with Walnut Stain Distress ink to add depth to the piece.

You can see the difference the ink makes in this photo.

Now, just because I love to make books, I am also aware that this perhaps is not everyone's cup of tea, here is a good solution. This is a hardcover notebook that cost the princely sum of 99p.
 Double sided tape to the cover and this then fits perfectly into the covers. You don't even need to remove the existing cover.
 To hide the "double" covers I edged the book with tape.

 I used the same tape to create my funky end papers too.
 I then painted the tape on the outside and glued the elements to the book to complete the book.