Monday, 23 July 2018

The very Awesome Truth Coffee Roasting in Capetown

Good morning friends.
Today I thought I would share with you my very cool morning visiting this very cool coffee house. Having got the accolade as best coffee shop in the world for the last couple of years it was definitely high on my go to list for this trip as who knows when I will next get the opportunity.....

This place is an uber cool  steampunk inspired place and as a dedicated lover of coffee and a fan of the genre you can appreciate that I was in seventh heaven to visit.
 I was distracted by this cool street art before we arrived.
 Welcome, isn't this a beautiful building?
 Haven't got time? Even the take away section is super stylish. Staff are all Steampunked up and very friendly too.
 Once inside it is hard to decide where to look first, there is so much detail that grabs you.
 reading the menu is an experience too, full of interesting information , and it was hard to decide which coffee to try first.

 One of the highlights was being able to see and appreciate this brilliant installation by the amazingly talented Belinda Basson
 I had arranged to meet up with my facebook friends Shamela Hendricks....

 and the lady herself, Belinda. it is amazing how you can meet up in reality for the first time and immediately it's like you are just carrying on a conversation with old friends. We had a brilliant time.

 We got to go on a tour behind the chains too

 Into the back areas where they keep all the green coffee beans.
Isn't this just a fabulous "warehouse"

If you are ever in Cape Town, I would highly recommend a visit, the vibe is fab and the coffee and food delicious. I worked my way through a good selection of coffee throughout the morning and didn't walk away empty handed thanks to  the generosity of Belinda and Shamela...... So now I can make my own Deep Dark and Twisted, Ressurrection, Vengeance and Black Honey coffee here in the UK . Though I can't make pretty pictures on mine like they can lol.

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Belinda Basson said...

It was so great to finally meet you in person, and as you said, it was like I had known you forever, just a pity we only got a few hours together, but it was well worth it. Thank you for my journal, I will treasure it.