Monday, 10 July 2017

Altered Cake Stand

Good morning folks.
Today I thought I would share the project I did on my last day off. We found this fold away stand down in Whitstable. The legs were damaged and it was looking rather forlorn. Still I couldn't resist.

 The first thing I did was patch up the leg and then I used a stencil and some DecoArt Media black Texture Paste to add a decorative "panel" to each section.
 Once dry I gave everything a couple of coats of a pale green chalk paint.
 Next it was a couple of coats of a pale grey/cream chalk paint.
 Then out came the sandpaper. I used both a coarse grit and a finer grit to rub back and create the distressed effect.

 When I was happy with it I wiped it down and gave everything a good coat of aging using a bitumen and white spirit mix. I used one coat and wiped it all away using moist wipes before going back over the centre panels and adding more so they would stand out.

 I'm really happy with the end result. Hope you like it too. I really enjoy painting furniture and smaller pieces are good because you can finish them in a day.

Enjoy your day and thanks for popping by.

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