Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Pink just won't cut it......

Hi folks. Just a quick little project here. One of the things that happens when you are married to a teacher is the "honey, I need a rusty tin bath for school, like yesterday please."
Now, while I appreciate the faith shown in my skills, what happens when you can only find said tin bath in the right size but the colour, oh the colour...........
 Well, first step is to add some texture by spraying with some spray texture.
 Following that with a few coats of grey chalk paint to get rid of the pink. Once that was finished some random touches of brown were added and blended with a moist wipe.

 To finish I used DecoArt spitzers in red and black along with a liberal spray of water to move and flow the colour to end up with this.....
Now this is more suited to sit atop an artificial fire in Stig of the Dump's ramshackle hut at school.
A fun project. Hope you like.

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