Wednesday, 20 January 2016

No, I don't like tea; not really into cute either........

Good afternoon friends.
I trust you are well. Something different from me today. A spot of crafting but no paint, pastes or stamping. No, don't run, it's not too bad I promise.
Last week I had a bit of a sort out in my studio and came across a paper making frame I had picked up last year. One of my favourite memories was when my father and I made paper when I was younger so I thought I would introduce my daughter to the delights and we had a spontaneous paper making session in the kitchen. This is where the tea comes in.  We added the contents of a bag of Earl Grey tea to the mix (The only thing worth doing with tea in my opinion LOL) and raided the garden for some dead things to add interest too.

 So, here I am showing her the process, after all, demonstrating is more fun than telling....

 My first sheet off the frame and couched.

And the finished sheets all dry. I made three and Alyssa made about five or six. It was great fun and I had a cool trip down memory lane.

Oh and no, they don't smell like tea!

Then, for something totally different too. For a while now I have been enamored with the amazing artistry of needle felted sculptures I see on Pinterest and fancied having a go but didn't even know where to start. Wandering into Hobbycraft the other week to get something for my daughter I came across all the tools and wool and impulsively popped them into my basket! Got them home and then panicked. They taunted me all of the week and come Sunday I thought, now or never.
Well, tempting though it was to attempt to create a stunning realistic fox for my first try I decided that as a novice I should really try something simpler. I would therefore like to introduce you to Alf, short for Alpha as he is my first needle felted creation!

Working with wool and needles is definitely a different experience and there were a number of times when I almost threw the towel in! I'm glad I didn't though as in the end he looks like a kitten and I have a much better understanding of the process and what not to do too. As a bonus I only drew blood once!
Something different for me but also something that has kickstarted my limping mojo for which I am grateful.
Hope you all have a fab afternoon. Take care and we'll catch up soon.


ionabunny said...

Love your felt kitten. Amazing first attempt. Great paper as well. As a tea lover I would have brewed a cup and then used the left over leaves in the paper. Especially earl grey. Very good for the digestion you know. Hugz

NieNie Sambuco said...

That is an amazing result for a first try at felting!

Also, glad you mentioned that the tea didn't add scent to the paper, because that possibility had me excited about adding tea to paper pulp. :)

Kim said...

Wow....stunning felted kitten! I can't wait to see your next creations! And I love the idea of adding tea to paper..scent or no. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs A. said...

Well if this what you produce on your first try can we expect a full scale model of a giraffe next!!!. Mrs A. Stunning kitty.

Robin said...

This is totally adorable--love the "yarn." Pretty darn impressive for a first try. Keep up the fantastic work!