Thursday, 21 January 2016

One sketch a day

Good morning folks.

I'm kinda playing catch up a bit here as the first few weeks of the new year has been busy.
One of my gifts at Christmas from Shenay was a One Sketch a Day journal. A very cool and perfect sized 365 day journal.
I started it on Christmas day and now, on day 27 I think the habit is almost embedded as I can't settle down in the evening without doing it!
I thought I would share a periodic round up of my completed sketches with you. Some I love, some I am not sure about but the process of drawing daily quick sketches I love.

 Each spread has 4 days spaces. You just add the date and go for it.

After doing a couple of days in colour I decided I was just going to use pen and ink as I didn't like the coloured elements (and it's easier to carry just pens with me!)

The question mark was when it was late at night, I was tired and could not think of anything to sketch. I was not going to do anything though as I knew if I skipped a day I would regret it. It's also then too easy to skip another, and another!

It's cool to see the variety over a few spreads like this, hope you enjoy them and if you like sketching this is a brilliant size to work with.


Elaine said...

A great variety of sketches. What a great gift and it'll be lovely to look back to see if your style has changed etc.

Karen Gist said...

This is going to be a fantastic reminder of your year Neil and a brilliant resource for you x

Robin said...

Your sketches are awesome; wish I had that kind of talent! I think this is a great idea, making an entry a day in a small format so that it's not overwhelming but will result in lots of cool stuff to review at the end of the year or whenever. Cool idea!

My not so simple life said...

Great idea! Think my book would just be filled with stickmen and doodles though lol