Thursday, 19 February 2015

Going Mechanical

Good afternoon friends.
Back again this afternoon with another closer look at one of my new book cover kits; this time it is Mechanical which is A5.......Two covers, a spine, 1 main front embellishment and one sheet of smaller elements make up this kit.
Begin by joining the covers and spine with fabric if you want to create a proper book. Place the main embellishment onto the front and push out the remaining elements.

Like all my kits, how you put them together is up to you and your imagination but this is how I put this one together this time. The two circles on the back cover are the insides of the two rings that go on the front.

Once everything is glued and dried, use your finger to add some embossing ink to random areas of the cover and sprinkle some clear UTEE. Heat to melt.

Paint everything with a coat of DecoArt black gesso and add some colour with Media Fluid Acrylics to random areas.

When everything is dry it's time to start the magic..... Begin to LIGHTLY add various colours of Treasure Gold to the book. Use very little and keep the touch light and build up the colours. As you work you will see all the textures come out and add depth and layers. Use a mask to add further interest to the back (This is my new mask Random 2)

Cut a little piece of gutter mesh and tuck it in the aperture to add interest.

 Add some stamped detail to part of the raised elements. I've used my Fantasy 1 and 2 stamps which are perfect for this.
Add decorative endpapers and book pages and you have your journal.
Hope you like it....
Catch up again soon with another one


mark gould said...

Great kit Neil, I'll look forward to seeing it in the shops

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

I love these kits. Love the books you're making with them too.

Claudine Criner said...

Oh wow, I love this!

suzieq23 said...

Once again I just love these books. I would buy one of everything if they were here in the good old USofA. Cant you find a way to ship some things to me for less than $50.00? UGH

Josie said...

Great book, so suitable for both genders!

Shoshi said...

This is a great look, Neil. Love how you've built up the metallic layers over the colour, and the addition of the mesh is genius!


Mark Perry said...

Now this has me thinking...This idea I can really use mmmmm I Love Love Love it ... Thank you for shearing this BRILLIANT .