Wednesday, 7 May 2014

What can you do with a heart?

Good evening; finally I have managed to sneak a bit of play time with my new stamps. It felt like everything was conspiring against me to make sure I could not get them inked up properly....
But here we are so tonight I thought I'd share a couple of pieces and possibilities with a couple of them; starting with the Large Heart...... I just love the possibilities of this and wanted to share a couple of things with you. Hopefully you'll find them inspiring too.
 Let's be honest, I like the heart and I think it is a very useful stamp to have but how about making it work a little bit harder? Like this for example.
 Stamp two hearts adjoining, flip and stamp two more. Stamp another onto a scrap and cut out and down the centre and use that piece as a body and voila; you have a butterfly which I think is pretty neat.
 Of course, if you get carried away and keep stamping around you can create a pretty awesome flower too
 The heart is a good match with the Fantasy Border 2 as you can see on this unfinished journal page. I stamped around part of the page as well as cutting the circle element out for the flower centre....
Then of course, there is my new butterfly stamp which I just love. Perhaps you fancy a bigger one?
So, stamp and cut the butterfly out. Stamp two hearts together (twice) and look, the fit the butterfly really well....You can layer and colour as you like to create an amazing butterfly.
 Even Bobble the bird doesn't look out of place in this landscape....... The border stamp can create a lovely flat edge border or a shaped border so you have even more possibilities.

So, there you have it, a pretty quick page using some of my new designs. I have more ideas too, just need more time.
But how about this one before I go?
I thought that the heart made for some pretty quirky fish too. Yes, I do have a vivid imagination but I like it lol.
The stamps are currently available from The Artistic Stamper HERE and will be available shortly from That Craft Place in Eastbourne too.
I look forward to hearing what you think of them so do please leave me a comment, I'd appreciate it muchly, ta


Nan G said...

So freakin' cool, Neil! Love the versatility of these new stamps. Congrats on the success you're having with that vivid imagination of yours! Hugs

Helen said...

Oh wow, that is one versatile heart!! Love the fish... love them all!

Laura said...

Love the fish!!

Lynda Beazley said...

Great stamp Neil, thanks for the inspiration. Cool!
Lynda Beazley x

ionabunny said...

Cool. Always great to see stamps used inventively. Your fish remind me of Escher

Anonymous said...

Love the new stamps, the bird is fab. Love the journal pages too.

Sioux P said...

Really like this Beil and all the ways you can use it, brilliant. Thanks

Shoshi said...

This is nothing short of outstanding, Neil... Who would have thought so much creativity could come from a simple heart stamp? It's so inspiring to be encouraged to think outside the box and use our stash and equipment in more imaginative ways. I am thinking of all sorts of ways of decorating the pages of my new recycled album and there's a lot of potential here. I don't have that many stamps but I am sure I could use them more creatively.

Thanks for the inspiration! Awesome.


Leigh Pogue said...

Hi Neel, you always come up with the most unusual (good unusual) creations. What a vivid imagination you have. Wow. Talk about creative!!! Kudos! Btw ...loved th seahorse you drew on driftwood.