Saturday, 24 August 2013

Just popping in

Hi folks.
In between packing for tomorrows class at Crafting Time in Shepreth tomorrow, which includes running in the rain to get yet another thing I forgot to pack! I thought I'd pop in to tell you that over at The Craft Barn Blog today I'm sharing a piece of Upcycling so I'd love you to pop on over and take a peek.
This is the outside so now I've got you curious, all the inside is revealed HERE!
Yesterday, we mooched down to Folkstone and had a very enjoyable day exploring the creative quarter and old town. The old harbour and then the coastal park. It was so good we only got home after 10pm..... Here's a couple of pics you may enjoy
 Loved this old shop window
 How about these rather surreal bunnies? Brilliant, but on closer inspection even more fascinating as there are all sorts hidden in them, From cheese graters, chains to
 This chap!
 Sculpture by the harbour
 3 billy goats gruff; complete with troll!
 Not your average beach hut; these sculptures were fun, everyone just walked by without actually realising they were made out of an old mini golf course!

Then, I couldn't resist picking up this "Teacup" arrangement for Susan. Isn't it sweet? Sitting in our bedroom at the moment it smells great too.

I'd better get finished with my packing so I'll catch you all later.....


mark gould said...

hope it goes well tomorrow mate, have fun. looks like you have hit the ground running since getting back.

Sandy said...

I am a new follower Neil - don't know how I found you but I sure am glad I did!!!! Your box is wonderful and yes I went and looked at the inside - a great message for a lot of us boxed in would be artists! Love your pictures and how sweet it was of you to to get that tea cup arrangement for Susan. You have been nominated for the husband of the year award!!

Patsy Paterno said...

Great project with the chocolate box. This is why my craft room is so full of "junk" I can't throw away! I always think of what can be done with it! Patsy from