Wednesday, 20 June 2018

By the seaside... new stamps

Good afternoon folks.
I'm running around like a headless chicken at the moment getting ready for my trip to South Africa soon. There is of course, a thousand things that I thought I had plenty of time to sort but time seems to fly past.
Anyway, today I thought I would pop on over to share my new stamps with you. Released on June 8th they are available from The Artistic Stamper.
This release is almost all about the seaside.
The image on this is actually upside down lol but hey, I confuse easily.

 This one is not strictly seaside though it has a lovely wave feel to it.
 These next two sets are very cool, there are two stamps, a positive and a negative so you can use them separately or together.

 Though I haven't had much chance to play with them yet I did manage to get a couple inked up....

I worked with my matching Masks for this little page. I do love the almost print effect of the stamp, almost like a screen print. I stamped the colour first then the outline though I will say that it is easier to line up better if you stamp the outline first.

Hope you like them. If you are interested they can be found HERE
Take care and have fun.


Leah Doherty said...

You, my friend, never fail to entice me with your marvelous creations!

Robin said...

These new sets are great--love 'em all!