Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Chalk Marker review

Hi there.
Gosh it has been ages yet again since I've been here. I seem to have been adrift craft wise for quite a few months now. Today though, I am starting out with a product review. Why? Because I was asked to, of course, and also because I was curious.......
So, to be totally up front, yes I was sent the product. However, the thoughts and opinions are all my own and if you are interested, here we go.
 Chalk Markers are designed for non porous surfaces so, I started out by trying them on glass. It takes a few minutes to prime the nib to get the ink to flow but once you've done that it flows smoothly.
 I have to say that I was impressed with the consistency, it looks more like a paint and the colours are beautifully opaque. It didn't dry quickly so I had to be careful of smudging. Though to honest, it's cold and damp today so that doesn't help. The colours in this set are great (Earthy Colours set)
 Next up, was chalkboard. I have a couple of sets of drawers in my studio which have chalkboard centres. Usually I just stick a post it note on it with what's inside because chalk is messy and I change the contents quite often so I don't want something permanent.
 As a crafter/mixed media artist I have a tendency to squirrel stuff away in containers in my studio. Then I forget what's in then once they are all stacked up so labeling is good.
 Then I thought I'd give it a go on card.... it was interesting to see how some colours absorbed in and others stayed quite vibrant which makes them good for adding detail in journal pages.
 Next up, metal.
 Journaling onto an inked page.
Then it was time to see how easily it came off the various surfaces........
 I used a baby wipe and it came off easily with no residue on the chalkboard which made me happy.

 Again, easily off the  plastic......
 And, surprisingly well off the card too. It left a faint mark which I thought would be pretty cool to create a ghosted pattern on a tag or something.

 It came off the glass easily too.
This is the Party Colours set. much more vibrant with neons too.
All in all. I think these are one of the best quality chalk markers I have used. The previous ones I used were much more transparent and did not write as well.
I think that these are definitely suited more for labeling bottles, containers etc when you change the contents fairly regularly. Also great for kids to use. We painted a chalkboard onto the front of our fridge and these are great for that too.
All in all, I am impressed and will enjoy using then around the house and studio.

If you are interested here is the link to the website Chalkola  (if you are in the UK then click the UK flag on the top to get to the UK site)
If you decide to purchase then if you use this code you can get 20% off  - 20OFFSTR



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Mrs A. said...

A good all round review and the price was reasonable too. Mrs A.