Friday, 1 July 2016

The closing of a chapter. (A long one!)

Good afternoon friends.

Today is a bitter sweet day for me. My last post as a design team member for The Craft Barn has gone up today. I'd love you to pop on by to take a look HERE.

I have been blessed to share a large portion of my creative walk with The Craft Barn so it is a sad day for me as it closes the chapter on a part of my life that without the faith of Sandy and her team may not have happened.

Many years ago I was offered a guest slot on their blog which was then followed by the offer to make it permanent. I was thrilled and beyond nervous when Sandy offered me a last minute place to demonstrate for her at their Extravaganza shortly afterwards.
Well, that act of faith and trust in me as a creative person, who she didn't really know, became the springboard that opened the way for me to demonstrate and share, come into contact with and teach so many wonderful people the joy I find in creativity. It led me to being invited to attend Ranger University with Tim Holtz and over the years has both inspired and challenged me to stretch myself creatively to try to encourage others.
For this I will be forever grateful.
Some days, as members of the team left, I felt I was perhaps overstaying my welcome but always, Sandy encouraged me to stay and they became part of my creative family, close knit and woven into my life.

However, life changes and I find myself at a creative crossroad. The constraints of my life leave less time for creativity and after much reflection I made the difficult choice to say goodbye.

That's the bitter side. The sweeter side is that now I can use my creative time freely. I can pursue projects and dreams. This is exciting to me and I look forward to being able to pick and choose my products without thought and follow my creative muse wherever she may wander.
I hope you will stay with me as I travel this road.

So, today I would like to pay tribute to Sandy and Ian, and all the team who have encouraged and supported me over the years, to wish them all the very best and to say; you are amazing!


Karen Gist said...

:-( Its so sad that you are leaving Neil but I look forward to seeing what you do next. The Craft Barn have been amazing haven't they and what a lovely tribute to them. Take care x

Dawn Louise said...

It's certainly a sad day Neil, I've felt honoured to be on a team that has you in it, knowing how well loved your work is and creativity ever inspiring. The craft barn is an amazing company to work with. Good luck on your next endeavours and creative journey. Whatever you do,enjoy. X

Chris said...

Sad day Neil, wishing you all the best. :-)

Gio said...

Hello Neil, I totally understand how this decision have been hard to take, and I am sure you struggled a lot, it was the same for me when time came. You did an amazing job, you were a pillar on the CraftBarn team and I am honoured to be on the same DT with you. I carry on following you on your creative journey :-)

Helen said...

Wishing you luck in your creative and non creative way ahead! hope you'll keep up your blog and share what you get up to xx

Shoshi said...

Times of change often provoke mixed emotions, Neil. In my experience there are many times and seasons in our lives, and as we move from one to another, we need to lay down the past and move unburdened into the next stage, whatever that might be, and that's the exciting part! This is a great opportunity for you to explore more freely and without constraint after giving so much of yourself to an endeavour that has reached many people with your talent. Through the design team your name has become more widely known, and you will never be without followers, wherever your muse may take you! We all look forward to seeing what you do next!