Thursday, 14 July 2016


Good morning friends.
For the first time this year I found myself teaching again. A small class for The Craft Barn on Sunday.. It was a lovely day and I felt privileged to be able to share and help everyone create their "growth" books.

As you can see, there is plenty of space to add further signatures and I look forward to seeing how they are filled up over time.

 I am always fascinated to see how diverse and unique the finished books are as everyone puts their personal style into them.

I also finally finished another little soft cover book which i thought I'd share with you. I have a few squares of Tim Holtz fabric and used one for this.
 The internal pages are from hand made paper. I folded and strengthened each fold before gluing them together and pressing to ensure they were secure.
 The fabric was glued directly to the outer pages and pressed until dry. I used Infusions to add colour.
To finish I added a die cut and glazed butterfly (one of the Tim Holtz dies) I love the softness of this journal, the frayed edges of the paper and the fabric and the muted earth tones of the colour. I may just have to make a few more.......
Take care everyone and thanks for popping on by.

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