Monday, 29 September 2014

Just poking my head round to say hello....

Good morning folks.
I trust that you are well. It's been busy busy here, I'm playing tour guide and having a blast showing my sister around and just enjoying spending time together.
So,not too much going on in the craft cave at the moment. But, since I have a moment or two I thought I'd pop on and share this.
A while ago, I was given a few sticks of Decomache Melts to try out. They look like long glue sticks in different colours so Alyssa and I had a play.
 We popped it into a mould
 and when we had popped it out, very quickly realised that you need to make sure you get it right down into the mould as it is not as fluid asUTEE for example so will not self fill.
 Still, we cracked on and made a few more wish varying degrees of success. I wasn't really keen on the colours so decided to change them
 With the aid of DecoArt's Metallic Lustre and a brush....
 They began to change into something I could use. You can see the difference between the plain green and the coloured butterfly.
 This one's kinda cool too. I like how the base colour is still showing through but it is pretty subtle at the same time. It was fun to play around with, however I personally think I will stick to using UTEE or resin because I know it will get into all the crevices and I'll get the details.
Now, I think I'd better go and get myself sorted for another day of sightseeing......(it's a tough life isn't it lol?)
Take care folks and I'll catch up soon.


Shoshi said...

Most interesting, Neil. I agree, though, better to stick to something you know works better. I love what you've done to dull down the rather garish colours, and the antique gold finish of the pieces is stunning.

Hope you have a great time with your sister! We had a 10-day break from Mum recently when my sister took her off our hands, and we had a lovely holiday-from-home with trips out etc. Trouble is, I am now totally exhausted as a result! We did manage to see the Kaffe Fassett exhibition though (link on my blog, plus a blog post) which I am still living off - what a total immersion in colour and pattern! Fabulous.

Have a great week.

Sandie said...

I agree about the colours Neil, but love what you did to change them.