Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Craft Barn Extravaganza part 2

Good morning friends
I'm back again with some more photos from Sunday. I sent Susan off with the camera as I know from experience that I would not get chance to wander!

Sunday morning setting up.
 Didn't take long for the lovely Karen from Tando Creative to "steal" my hat and goggles!
 Some of Leandra's gorgeous samples

 Lin Brown
 Me again.
 Helen Chilton hard at work
 Some sample from the Tando Creative table.
 Jo Firth Young

 Gio came all the way from Italy to demo.
 Some of her samples
 Samples from Lin Brown.
I spent the weekend playing around with my masks, Distress paints, stains, pastes and Treasure Gold. Of course, a bit of UTEE made an appearance too.  Now I'm home I have all of these"unfinished" tags and cards to work with!

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend. The sun was out, plenty of people around. The garden centre had a hog roast on the go so with everything like the discovery trail, farm shop and all the demos set out in 3 marquees it made for a lovely family day out.

If you were there, it was lovely to see you and I'm looking forward to next year already!
Hope you have a good and creative day.


Helen said...

Sounds a fabulous weekend! If I can sort transport, I will do my best to be there next year. I hear tell of a shuttle bus next time, so fingers crossed!

Karen Gist said...

It was a fabulous weekend wasn't it Neil! Just wish I had had more time to chat but that's the nature of the beast! x

Francesca said...

Hi Neil, yes it was a good day, I see I'm in one of the pics, well the back of me...Love Francesca

Gio said...

Gorgeous pictures, Neil, as long as the whole weekend.
The most valuable thing for me has been to know much better all of you. And I so appreciate the sweetness and kindness of Susan, please tell her!

Clarky J said...

Looks like an amazing weekend Neil x Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all xx

ionabunny said...

What a lovely pile of starts you have. Hope to get to extravaganza one year.......