Sunday, 13 January 2013

"Toolbox" style

Good morning folks
I'm sure that like me, many of you are following the goings on and amazing photos of the CHA fun and wishing you were there! It all looks so incredibly awesome.
Still, I'm not there so today, I thought I'd share this box with you. If you were lurking round my desk on Wednesday you will have seen the beginnings.
 It started out as a fancy wine bottle box, you know the ones, all fake leather and pretensions of grandeur...
Well, I stripped that all away to get to the core box which is just rough chipboard, fibreboard and stuff knocked together. I decided that a kind of toolbox look would suit so I gessoed everything and then gave it a couple of coats of metal paint. Once dry I added the rust activator and let that begin to work.....
 Onto the lid I stapled an old wooden measuring rod, , under that I stuck the remains of a grinding disc (See, I knew that would come in useful when I picked it up from the street!) and the Tim Holtz sentiment added to an ATC was suitable grungy too.
 This piece of "rusty metal" is also card, treated with the same stuff as the main box, see how differently it's reacted.
 Some Distress embossing onto the clasp. The sentiment on card was added with multi medium and inked up.
 I used Americana slate grey paint with a cogs mask to add some further detailing to the outside.
 Inside I used stamping, masks and Distress inks to create a piece for the lid. The inside was painted grey and I also made sure that I got grey paint onto the card too. Didn't want everything to look too pristine, after all this is a battered old box you know!
 There's a bit of the detail.
Then, just for fun, I used these to create feet, they work a treat.
So there you have it, my toolbox which now holds my Distress Stains perfectly!
Righteo, time for me to be wenting as I'm teaching at The Craft Barn today, first class of 2013, YAY!
Have yourselves a great day folks!


Redanne said...

A fabulous make-over Neil, I really love how you did the rusting, that wooden ruler took me back to when my Dad used one many years ago. That metal disc thingy was a good find too. Hope the first class went well.

JoZart Designs said...

That really is superb Neil! I love all the detail ideas and you are so good at paint effects too. The New Year has really given you the drive to create!
Jo x

Francesca said...

January must be time to upcycle tins/boxes, yours looks great. Well done. Love francesca

mark gould said...

HI Neil the box has turned out great, I love the inside of the lid and the cutting disc.
Hope the class went well? catch ya latters

Inkypinkycraft said...

Looks great! Trace x

butterfly said...

Absolutely fantastic... I'm in the middle of creating lots of altered storage for my stuff, so this is fantastic inspiration!
Alison x