Friday, 13 July 2012

Bit late.........

Morning folks.
Yesterday I had to get up before the sparrows to brave the M25 to Heathrow to collect my Mom in law and then with one thing and another forgot to share my post over at The Craft Barn with you! So here it is today.
This week is fabric week so we are looking at all kinds of fabric projects and I went with canvas and created a travel bag for myself. No sewing, the sides are joined with jump rings and a hitch fastener keeps everything closed nicely.
I wanted something that I could pop into my pocket when out and about to jot down things that I see that inspire me. So this has a little book and a couple of pens all ready and handy.

Take a piece of sticky back canvas and a piece of patterned cardstock and cut to size using the book as a guide. You want it a bit bigger than the book and twice the length plus a bit extra for the flap.

Adhere the paper to the canvas - the side you want to see is the side you press down onto the sticky! Burnish well with a bone folder and cut a decorative edge on the one narrow edge for the flap.

When you've done that, lightly score the card taking care not to cut the canvas. You want just to cut the surface of the card.

Next you need to liberally spray with water and begin to gently rub the surface. Don't do this over a sink as the paper pulp will block your drain. This takes a bit of time, don't rub too hard as you don't want to remove the last layer.

The picture above should be what you end up with.
Then I set eyelets along the two long edges so when folded they correspond then stamped with Steampunk image from Tim Holtz. Then everything gets a coat of multi medium, this seals the surface, turns any stray paper transparent and covers any residual sticky.


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Judys Fabrications said...

Love this travelling bag Neil.Hope the cold has gone. Have you tried Olive Leaf extract?Good Vit C.
Judy #19

Deborah said...


Francesca said...

Saw this yesterday over @ the craft barn, thought then it was fab. When I have finished my tasks for today I'm going to give it a go. Love Francesca xxx

Carol Q said...

love this.

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...this is so cool!...your choice of background, colour & stamps makes this an 'I want one' item, tis a great idea Neil, production??...would sit nicely inside one of Tim's Ideaology bags!!...LOVE it...Mel :)
Have a super weekend...

Elly said...

Super cool!! I'll definitely give it a try. Great tuto also (:o)

Marjie Kemper said...

Honestly? Love it!! Super idea and thank you for sharing!

monique said...

bravo merci

Michelle said...

Fabulous make Neil and a great idea. Ive yet to try image transfer but have a few ideas in mind!
Hope alls well, love to sue
x Michelle