Friday, 13 April 2012

Mosaic at The Craft Barn

Good afternoon everyone.
I apologise for the lack of posting here recently; combination of visitors and computer issues have prevented me from getting online. Hope to improve now!
This week over at The Craft Barn Blog we've been looking at mosaics and there's some great ideas there! Today it's been my turn and I've done a scrapbook page with a paper mosaic detail. All the details are HERE
You'll have to follow the link to see the mosaic though! Hope you all have a good afternoon.
In other news; I've booked my flights and accommodation for Ranger uni so now I'm really getting excited!!!!! I've been busy making some stuff to take with me so I'll share that later so I don't spoil any surprise. I've also picked up a few bits at a boot fair over the Easter weekend which I'll share with you later and some other little bits!


Hels Sheridan said...

...and breathe lol I know the feeling... you are gonna love Ranger U... tis the best experience ever... congrats again... am well chuffed for ya!!

cat lacigale said...

looks great !