Monday, 16 April 2012

Journal page

Good morning everyone
I hope you all had a great weekend. I thought I'd share this journal page with you. I started it quite a while ago but never quite got it finished; until I got my email from Tim that is! Then I just knew that that was what I was going to be "clutching" tightly in my hands!
 I started out just playing with acrylic paints, masks and layering to create the backgrounds.
 I used a white pen to outline and highlight some of the flowers and do some doodling, black to frame the pages before adding some stamping.
I cut the hands by tracing my hands onto the page; covering with paper, gesso and distress stains. Freehand writing in various styles and colours.
 The hands open and I attached the nice bits of the email to them!
 This is the other side of the hand! I guess you may get a hint of my excitement ?!
 The other side of the page is the same process as the first
 With the addition of some extra journalling around the owl.
I'm pleased with the end result of this. I like the way the hands can hold onto things but also they can be used to "capture" more private thoughts too as they are held closed with some velcro dots so they can be kept private.
Now I can't promise but I will try not to mention Ranger uni  in every post but it will be hard!
Have a great day everyone and I'll catch up with you all later.


CraftyLoops said...

Wow Neil what an amazing opportunity, you lucky ducky. Great journal pages too. Hope you have a trip of a life time and take plenty of photos for us all to admire and be jealous over, heehee. Lee x

Sue said...

VERY cool journal pages, Neil. I'd say you're just a *little* excited about Ranger U! Frankly, I don't know how you're sleeping at night!

Rita said...

This a Fantastic journal page Neil. I just love the vibrant colours. Hugs Rita xx

Julia S-W said...

I love the way you build up your background on these pages. The owl is simply fab and I'm sorry but I had to read all your journalling too (bit nosey really isn't it?!) and I'm so happy for you and your Ranger journey!

Sam said...

Congratulations Neil! Enjoy yourself! x
Loving your journal too! x

Kaz said...

Hi Neil

Love your journal pages....the excitement is just ooozing from them, ooo and thank you for the mention too ;0) x

p.s Im just as excited too x