Friday, 16 March 2012

Where in the world is your vagabond

Hi there
Sizzix have a promotion running on their blog about this; details HERE. So I thought I'd join in to get the gauge keys and stickers. My Vagabond is at home in my crafty studio at the bottom of my garden where at the moment it's been busy cutting these lovely tattered flowers from the new strip die (Which is by the way; brilliant!)
Right; now to get back in there, I'm busy finishing my March tag and playing with distress markers so I'll be back later to show you. Until then I hope you have time for some creative fun too!

1 comment:

Redanne said...

That new tattered flower strip die is on my wish list. I would love a Vagabond too but I think 3 die cutting machines is probably enough! Look forward to seeing your finished tag.