Friday, 16 March 2012

Playing with Distress Markers

Hi there.
I've been playing around with my 3 distress markers just to see what they are like and this is the result thus far.
Firstly I used them to colour in direct onto the recessed areas of an embossing folder before swiping a different colour distress ink pad over the top and running it through the vagabond. This is the result
 I like the effect; as you can see I did not colour in all the circles but if I had had more colours I probably would have done more. Perhaps there are other pens on the market that do similar but as I don't have any being able to do this pleased me no end! (And I love the distress colours anyway so for me the advantage is that I will be able to co-ordinate my palette)
Then I used another folder and did the same, using two colours of marker to do the tree trunks and the leaves. Just for fun (and to see if it would work I used the nib side of the pen and wrote on the folder (Remember to reverse your writing!) before running it through the folder. Again, it worked

 Here's a closer shot so you can see a bit better
 I can see myself having fun doodling designs and stuff when I get more pens! And yes I know you can easily write and doodle afterwards but what I like about doing it this way is that it's easier to stay in the lines and not slip over the edge ! So; once I'd done these I made this quick card with it.
So, do I like the markers? Yes, definitely and I can't wait to get my grubby little mitts on more!
See you later!


Redanne said...

I love these new markers too Neil but sadly, I only have 10 so far. I find that they are much more versatile than the pads but they do work well together (as you show).

Helen said...

I want some (no, I want them all!) too but need to wait a bit... Love how you have used them here, and the reverse writing is a neat idea (mine wouldn't be neat reverse writing though, lol!) Have a good weekend.

Ann B said...

I haven't got any of the markers, yet, but can see I really 'need' them, especially if you can get results like this. Thanks Neil.


CraftyLoops said...

What a great way to use these pens Neil. I love your card. I have a bit of Christmas money left and was umming and ahhing as to whether I would buy the whole set. But then I wasnt sure if I would get the use out of them. But I am definitely leaning towards buying them after seeing your I using your post as an excuse to buy these markers?? I think I just might be! lol. Lee x

Joanne said...

These markers are the best ever. I love them. Tim reckons they should last 6 years each but using them like I do, they may not make Xmas!! Love the card. Email it to Tim.
Hugs Joanne xx

cat lacigale said...

These markers look great ! Love the trees you've done with !

Julia S-W said...

I believe I also 'need' these - just whether I can persuade a certain person that they are essential to my well being and creativity. Mmmm. . . I'm going to try but new cars, cd's and vinyl records seem to be more important than (and I quote!) 'colouring pens'!!!
Love the card - great use of the pens in the folders.

...the yorkshire fox... said... what a feast for the eyes...porcelain like swirls & dusky hue'd trees...just superb Neil...Mel :)

Anonymous said...

Love this effect Neil.
I haven't come across the markers yet.I'll have to ask for them.

inkypinkycraft said...

Oh I love the markers, have tried stamping butterflies and they look great!!but the thing I love is that they are the distress colours which are just fab, so it all co-ordinates and they are yummy colours!!! Hugs trace x

inkypinkycraft said...

Ooops meant to say the circles look great, love those colours, another must try!!! Thanks hugs trace x

scrappymo! said...

Looks good. I like the way the two techniques turned out!

Linda (Boots) said...

Lovely to see what you did with the beautiful background you created. Really enjoyed your tut at the retreat ... still adding tiny elements to my canvas, but generally VERY happy with it the way it is. Mmmm maybe need some markers now as well as building up my stains collection. LOL. Hope to see Susan and yourself at another Retreat. xx Linda T

Izzwizz said...

Fantastic way to use the markers and many thanks for letting us know your thoughts. I'm still waiting for mine but have decided I *need* them all :-) Maddy x