Monday, 4 July 2011

Post it note cover

Good morning everyone
Hope you had a lovely weekend, though I was busy I still managed to squeeze some time in the garden yesterday to enjoy the sunshine.
Today I'm sharing a post it note cover that I have done using Katzelkraft stamps KTZ64. These are available from Katzelkraft HERE or if you are in the UK they are exclusively available at The Craft Barn HERE

I think these make great end of year teacher gifts. (Being the husband of a teacher I know just how many post its are used by my wife!) They are also quick and easy to do which is a bonus.

Start by cutting a piece of card to the size of your post it pad and score and fold it.

On the front cover Stamp one of the horses where you want it; at the same time stamp it onto a piece of paper and cut out to make a mask. Taking the ART stamp and distress ink of your choice mask off the horse and cover the card with the stamp.

Keeping the mask in place colour the card with your choice of distress ink using a blending foam tool.

After that, remove the mask and colour in the horse with another colour ink; attach the post it pad to the base and then ink all around to tone down the (usually) garish colour!

You can see that i stamped the horse and coloured it too for the inside cover which I think finished it off nicely.

The whole project takes very little time as it is just basic stamping, you could of course add some embossing etc but I thought for a quick and thoughtful gift this was nice and simple but very effective.
You can change the style to suit the recipient's favourite colours etc......
Hope you all have a lovely and creative day
Be blessed in your art today.


mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

It's brilliant, Gay x

Zuzu's Blog said...

I like!
I love that stamp set as you know... the full Da Vinci collection i think is still top of my Katzelkraft stamp list :) the masking works really well on this...

georgina said...

Very Very impressive stamps Neil,i just love what you've done with them, luv Georginax