Wednesday, 19 January 2011

WOYWW first time

Hi there.
Well I've seen this pop up in some of my followers blogs; and yes, curiosity has made me peruse some of the others work places too! For those who don't know what I'm talking about it is What's on your workdesk wednesday by by Julia at
Today I thought that I would share my workplace with you, so here it is

Don't worry; all will be revealed. As I generally craft in the living room, everything has to get packed away regularly so this is what it looks like when people are here and when open it's a bit different!

As you can see, we don't use the computer much! (Laptops instead) The bottom shelf pulls out to crate a working surface as well as the shelf above where I keep some of the bits I use regularly

So what's on the desk today? Not much really as I have been busy with all sorts of boring things instead but it looks like this

On the left is a tray which is full of lace, old jewellery Ideaology trinkets etc etc to the right some papers that I had made a while ago and are still waiting for me to be inspired, some test runs of my new Alterations dies and my art journal in the middle; now this is a new thing for me and so far I have tinkered with the cover a bit and started the first page.... not very exciting but if you want a closer look go ahead

See, told you; not very exciting, hopefully I will grow into it as I see so many exciting journals on blogs I decided I would give it a shot!

So there you have it; my official workplace this wednesday (And no, that is not all my stash; I have 6 of those purple bags for dies, inks, papers, stamps etc, more drawers of scrapbooks in the lounge, outside, in the loft, well you get the idea!)
Have fun everyone.


minnie_mac said...

What a fabulous workspace. The journal is coming along nicely.


Anonymous said...

Hello Neil and welcome to WOYWW. Love your Narnian like wardrobe/desk to store some of your stuff in. Great journal you're working on too and love the other artwork in earlier posts, great stuff!

Brenda 100

Lisa said...

I love it! Very neat and compact. I wish I was so organised! Art journal looks interesting!!

Susan Allan said...

Welcome Neil to the amazing world of WOYWW; it can become very addictive.
Your work area is just amazing in the fact that it is so tidy and organised and that it is a free-standing cupboard, ( with a key). I have to lock my cat out of my workroom. I love your jewellery box and the art journal is of interest to me for lots of reasons. The butterflies and their background is all very pretty.

Thank you for sharing your fabulous work-space.

Sue xx 67

JoZart said...

Welcome to WOYWW and there's a 1st time for everything and some can be habit forming, as this is! Great snoop and I gasped "Wow" when the door to your crafting experiences was opened. You are really organised, but I suppose it's necessary if working in the living room. I can walk out and leave mine and it's fatal.
JoZarty x

Jinny Holt said...

Hello Neil.....Wow .....what a compact and bijoux (sp) work space,compared to mine,yours is well organised!! I have also started a journal but keep getting side tracked by other projects lol.

Thanks for sharing

Jinny :~)

——>Katie Bolinger said...

what a great piece of furniture. Everything at your finger tips when you need it and easily out of sight when you don't. Brilliant.

Helen said...

Welcome along - how TIDY you are - what I would give to be tidy.... Love your tray of lace and bits - fantastic.

Sarah Anderson said...

Oooo I'd love a good rummage in your lace and bits box! And I'm very impressed at how tidy you are!

MaggieC said...

You are so tidy and organised.

Dragon said...

Hi Neil.... Fabulous space and I want to rifle through those trinkets!!! Have a great week

Marjo said...

What a great workspace! Welcome to WOYWW..Thanks for the peek and sharing. Happy WOYWW, hugs Marjo #10

Neet said...

How nice to have a new WOYWW'er so welcome. Great storage - who would know what secrets it held behind its closed doors. Brilliant - and so much is inside it - are you Dr Who and is this your Tardis?
I have not done any journalling for ages - you make me want to get back to it but I am away from home at the moment.
Wish I had gone to Ingrid Dijekers class last year at CHA. There isn't one this year or I would have gone to it. Tried to leave you her link but it comes up gobbledy gook.
Sorry for the prattle. #27

Neet said...

Just seen my best crafty buddy Paul out there on your followers (I've signed up) - are you the Neil he talked about meeting on a workshop of Sarah's a couple of months ago? Nosey me - sorree. 27 again

Angie said...

How come you are so neat and tidy and organized???? Love what you are creating ... and enjoyed a nose around your work area

weewiccababe said...

goodness, thats very organised.
nice to meet you
Debbi #39

Tertia said...

Very nice workspace! Always good if you are able to hide your 'sins' from visitors. Your art journal is definately not boring.
Sorry for doing the rounds so late this week, but it has been a crazy one!
Tertia 110

Nicky said...

I love your craft cupboard I too craft in the living room so have to be tidy when I have finished - but its also nice to craft with all the family around rather than sitting in differnet rooms ~ Nicky 24

okienurse said...

What a great workspace. I love everything being within easy reach. Thanks for sharing

Spyder said...

ohooo how did I miss your fab blog, working on Wednesday I know I don't get round everyone, but I do try can call in even if I don't comment. Think I've already marvelled at your little cupboard over on your side bar, as I have a box I want to do, maybe in the same colours. It wouldn't let me follow last time, said my 'something' was too long! Have a great WOYWW...going to catch up now!