Friday, 14 January 2011

Flower power

Hi there.
For the Play Date Cafe Challenge I made a big flower  so thought I would share the "How I did it" here for those of you who may be interested! The finished size is 15cm so it is not tiny but it makes for an impressive embellishment on a 12 x 12 scrapbook page, or a box lid......
You can adjust the sizes to suit your page; just remember that whatever size you do your circles the finished flower will be double! If you do not fancy stamping and inking, double sided paper works well especially those that are light one side and dark the other.
This is how I made this one:

Firstly you need to cut 8 circles of 7.5cm diameter. I just cut roughly with scissors

Them I stamped a floral image in grey, used a paper distresser to roughen the edges and inked in grey (on ONE side of the circle only)

Then fold each circle in half, open and fold in half the opposite way (So you end up with quarter folds)

Next fold two of the quarters inwards as per the next photo.

Turn the folded circle over and fold each side back to the centre line

Voila, you have done one petal! Now repeat for the next seven and you end up with a pile of petals that when you place together should look like this

Cut a small scrap circle to use as a base, add glue and stick each petal down. To finish mine I used a large washer that I picked up from the street one day and a button in the middle of that.

Hope you like it and try it out sometime I'd love to see how you get on! The next post will show you where mine ended up....

Be blessed in your art today


Sande said...

This is gorgeous!

Sande said...

This is gorgeous!

Jhayboy said...

Thank you for the tutorial - very easy to follow and mine turned out great..

P.S - Very please I am not the only one that pick up street junk - my mom walk around with wipes for just those moment..


Nan G said...

Very cool! Thanks for the tut! I will definitely be trying these. Probably a class project. Found you from WOYWW 172. Hugs, Nan G.

Crafting Time said...

Just love these flowers - just love the effect, can't wait to make some.