Friday, 31 December 2010

The Stampman UK Favourite project of 2010 blog hop challenge!

Theres a first time for everything isn't there? Well this is the first blog hop I will be doing. Hopefully I will not get confused, easily done on New Year's Eve!
If I have managed to do things correctly there should be links to the Stampman blog on my sidebar. Pop over there and join in the fun.
My favourite project is very easy for me to choose; it is my Altered Bird that takes number one spot (Followed closely by my Encouragement Emporium)
I really enjoyed altering the bird and the fact that the amazingly talented Tim Holtz visited my blog and left a comment was the icing on the top.

Here is one picture, to see and read all the details visit the original post HERE

Be blessed everyone. Hope you are all having a great New Year's Eve


Netty said...

Oh wow what a brilliant choice, that is totally outstanding. Happy New Year. Annette

Kat said...

I love your alterd bird,
gorgeous choice,
mabe he would like to migrate into my garden
(I have a pond, so he won't be hungre) lol

Lisa said...

Oh wowee, I can see why this is your favourite! It's stunning. Thanks for sharing and for joining in with our blog hop at The Stamp Man!

Lisa :)