Monday 2 November 2020

Back we go

 Hi there

Well, as most will no doubt be aware, the UK is heading back into full lockdown this week.  So lets just leave it at that shall we? Can't change the situation so we will just have to carry on carrying on....

In the meantime, there are palettes to fill with paint and books that need to be finished and filled..... Creative therapy will see us through. I will look at this phase at my "starving artist in a garret" stage. Better that than lamenting this months lost plans and opportunities

I made these palettes for fun really, they are just perfectly sized for my hand and these ones are beginning to look like proper palettes. I was thinking off adding them to Etsy as they do okay at markets.... what do you think?
Then, this is one of the newer additions to my A6 books. I've called it Growth and though the photos aren't brilliant, the book has a pleasing feel to it in my opinion. 

 There's a few more that need to be finalised. I should hopefully get on top of things this month....
What are you all up to. I hope that your plans have not been too badly affected.

Take care


Glennis F said...

Luckily we are back to level one, so not too many restrictions. It is definitely worthwhile to stop the spread of this disease.
Your journal is amazing

Nicky said...

Love your books, and the wolfs and foxes on the last post. Best thing to do whilst We are in lockdown is craft, just wish working from home would stop getting the way Lol. Stay safe and enjoy playing.

J said...

Great books Neil, I live in Spain , our region have their own restrictions so now can’t visit the nearest town, bars and restaurants are to close on Saturday but at least we can walk and the shops are open as last time we couldn’t leave our gardens to walk.

I made all my Christmas cards in Lockdown last time !!

Hope your renovations are going well, I haven’t seen any blog posts about them recently