Wednesday 28 October 2020

Random things....

Good afternoon all.  Thought I would just pop in to catch up a little. 
 It's been a time for me to quickly try and catch my breath slightly. Pause a moment if you like and just try to gain a little focus agan. I think it is important sometimes to deliberately stand and take a look at what you hope to do and how you could do that without getting lost in the busyness.

Though I sometimes feel like I could stand and howl at the moon like this little wolf, I press on.

I confess to have enjoyed making these a little while ago, just for the pleasure of creating something a little different

 The wolf got a little lonely so he made friends with a fox....

I make these, then don't get time to really enjoy creating with them but fox cub managed to wander off into the woods lol

And I at least had a moment to put mama fox together too. Now I just need to  steal a few more minutes to work on the others. I popped some into my Etsy and they've been doing okay so that's nice.

Over the last couple of days I have been working on some new ideas, and also beginning the process of getting ready for next months "Craft Market Kendal" online virtual market.  Though I am going to miss being able to physically set up shop I am grateful that they have organised a very well managed online event. 
I guess I had better get back to the workshop.... take care everyone. 

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