Tuesday 28 August 2012

Catch up on Sunday's class.

Hi there
Just another quick post today; I'll get back to creating properly again soon but this week I'm getting eldest ready for Uni and catching up on some deadlines as well as having to do the pay the bills job too so time is tight!
Still; on Sunday at The Craft Barn we had the sew true class on distress techniques which was a lot of fun.

 And as promised, the pics for some of the pages!

Yesterday we spent a bit of time just as a family and ended up  down at The Shell Grotto in Margate.

Pretty impressive; then off to Turner contemporary; less impressive.....well, the space is awesome but I'm not a huge fan of Tracy Emin so the current display did not do too much!  We then meandered and meandered from shop to shop and town to town and ended up in Sandwich where we had fab fish and chips alongside the river. It was really nice to just be the four of us together after a busy summer and before everyone goes off again. Now, back to work! Catch up with you all later.


Julia S-W said...

Thanks for a great day on Sunday Neil - it was great fun and I've made some new friends too! Sadly, I haven't finished my book yet but will get round to it. Too much Timeworn to get done! Regards.

BJ said...

Bet Julia is glad you can't see her in the photos. I daren't say which part of me you can see!!
I think I have finished my little album and will be showing it off tomorrow for WOYWW. It seems to have undergone a huge transformation since I got back with my backgrounds all done. I even stayed up 'till way gone midnight on Sunday playing with it. Many thanks for great distressed background techniques. I think I need more guidance with stamping though but I have had a go. BJ

scrappymo! said...

Looks like a great time was had by all...everyone looking so busy creating!
Your book looks fabulous.

mark gould said...

great class neil, book is nearly done. grotto looks impressive.