Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Truth Journal

Good morning everyone.
The stranger is attempting a comeback....... My creative life has been swallowed up over the last few months in brick dust and demolition along with getting our home down south ready for sale.
Now I finally find myself with a bit of time again.
So I am looking back and I'm going to try to catch up and share the projects I have managed to create but not share.....
For this first one we are going back to June 2018! 
Frustratingly, I appear not to have taken a finished picture before giving it to the person, but this is the closest to finished I have.

 To make it I took two pieces of card and used thinlits gears and cogs randomly placed before die cutting.

The dies cut through the top layer but only part cut through the bottom piece which gives a pretty cool textural piece as a base layer.

 I layered the cut out pieces onto this and onto the covers.

 I hand cut the letters from a piece of card that I had covered with gears and assembled everything, adding texture paste for more interest.

 Then it was time for paint and gilding. Layer upon layer of washes and gilding wax to really bring out the textures.


 Final washes with black and brown gave the aged look I was after.

The book was filled with vintage sea charts, with decorative edges just for fun.

 Textured end papers to add the finishing touch.

It was a really fun project to do. Hope you like it.


Helen said...

Great to see you getting creative in the way we knew you best for! Much as I have enjoyed the brick dust, it is great to see a craft project - even one that old lol!

Dee said...

Great job! Love the texture.