Monday, 8 August 2016

Under The Sea

 Good morning folks
Today I have a tale of wonder to share...... a little while ago I had the awesome opportunity to take a trip to fantasy island. While I was there I took a chance on avoiding the lure of the mermaids song and dove into the sea of dreams and visions. What wonders I beheld there I cannot put into words. Entranced I wandered and wove my way through paths of gently swaying sea grasses.
I cannot say how long I spent there when, suddenly, half tucked away and covered in sand, I spied a wondrous thing.

 All encrusted with marvels of a forgotten age, home to a few inhabitants of this unknown deep

My heart was full, I had to have it, this was my vision, my dream all come to flesh.....this cabinet all aged patina and spun with gold. Casting my eye about I clasped it in my net of hopes and stealthily craftily lured it home.

I won't regale you with the tales of adventure I had to endure; though at long last I returned to our green and pleasant land with my precious cargo. Now, as I spend my evenings with my treasure I am filled with joy; and when I close my eyes and open my heart I fancy still, I hear the lure of the mermaid's song........

I hope you enjoyed my little tale and like my cabinet more LOL. I had great fun creating this unit for my new aquarium and would like to enter it for DecoArt's Under the Sea challenge HERE.

And for those who are of a more practical bent I will be adding a separate post with all the "how I did it" and product details and I'll pop the link here when that's done!
EDIT: as promised here is the "How I made it" post HERE
Have a great day guys.


Anna Iazzetta said...

I totally love it!

Heather Thompson said...


Joi at RR said...

Your post was wonderful Neil. I so enjoyed your enthusiasm for your INCREDIBLY FABULOUS project. Your vision turned out totally STUNNING. Lots of work - for sure but it turned out just LUSCIOUS. Thanks bunches for joining us in our DecoArt Media Under the Sea challenge. joi

Birgit said...

This is wonderfully done. i love the originality of it plus a great space saver. It looks like it would be from the Pirates of the Caribbean