Tuesday, 20 October 2015

A couple of journals.

Howdy friends.

I hope you are well and still hanging in there with me. Been a while again since my last post but I have finally got a few things that have been finished (at last!) so I actually do have a few things to share....
I thought I'd start off with a couple of journals that I got finished yesterday in preparation for my trip away soon.

The pages are made from watercolour card which I tore into size rather than cut. Each book has 8 signatures of 2 pieces each as the card is pretty thick.
I measured and punched holes in each signature.
Then I cut my thread intro approximately 30cm lengths.
Starting from the outside going in

Then up and out the other side.
Then I pressed all the pages together using a flower press to hold everything in place.

Then I tied the first and second threads together into a knot.
Then tied the second and third thread into a knot; the third and fourth; well you get the picture I'm sure. Repeat for the bottom row.
For the covers I used some old leather that I picked up from an antiques shop ages ago. I tore it in half and simply glued and folded it over the pages.
I trimmed the top and bottom but left the edges overhanging and rough.

The result; a simple rustic casual sketch book ready to enjoy.

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Sandie said...

These are great Neil. Thanks for the tutorial and hope you have filling these journals.