Saturday, 5 September 2015

Pen and ink

Good evening friends.
I trust this finds you well.
I haven't been doing much crafting this week, other than some for The Craft Barn which you can see over on their blog today.
The link is HERE. Here's a peek, for the finished projects you'll have to pop on over.....

I have managed to add a bit to my sketchbook though, just working in pen to add some background to my dragon sketch

 Then I started this one on the next page.
 No, it isn't really meant to be something, just a moment of pleasure. Growing up, my favourite mediums were always pen, ink and pencil. Over the years I had almost forgotten how much pleasure they gave me so it is a treat to rediscover that enjoyment again.
So, these simple sketches are serving to familiarise me with shading and mark making which hopefully will lead onto more "realistic" subjects.

In other news, I have passed my panel and secured my promotion at work which hopefully means more time to craft as I no longer have massive files to study! I am grateful for that I can tell you as those files have been the bane of my life LOL.
I've been able to work on a couple of slightly larger projects, one of which I will hopefully get finished tomorrow. Featuring two of my favourite things; Dragons and Steampunk.....
And on that little tease, I wish you all a pleasant evening.

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butterfly said...

Fabulous dragon! And I love the extended doodle creature too... great to get a sneak inside your sketchbook.
Alison x