Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Proud Dad moment...

Good morning friends I trust you are all well.

This last week saw me travel up to my daughter's degree show opening in Preston on Friday. As you can imagine, I am as proud as punch lol so thought I would share a couple of the photos with you. (Well, more than a couple to be frank, but hey, I'm sure you understand)
I made a quick detour to Trafalgar Square to see the statue on the 4th plinth.

And a lunch stop on Friday morning too.....

Then it was time to head off

 The 6 books.

 These pictures on the side show how many layers have gone in to creating each page in the books. Made up of layers of photography, collage, drawings etc in a myriad of different techniques.

I am very proud of all the work and creativity. I hope you enjoyed this peek at her show.

There was some awesome work by some of the other students too so here are a couple of my highlights:

Take care. 


Karen Gist said...

WOW! No wonder you are a proud Dad Neil! Alyssa has a lot of talent! I also thought her work was beautifully displayed x

Mickie said...

Bet your chest was bursting! Alyssa's work is fabulous

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Many congratulations to Alyssa, her work looks outstanding.

Shoshi said...

No wonder you are such a proud Dad, Neil. Not only is she very beautiful but she is extremely talented, and we all know where that came from! You must have been such a wonderful influence on her life up until now, encouraging her, as I know you will continue to do. Having had a wonderful relationship with my own dad who sadly died in Dec. 2013 aged 90, I can attest to the lifelong, precious relationship between father and daughter. He influenced me so much and gave me so much of what he was, and I feel he lives on in me! I am sure your daughter feels very much the same about her own Dad as she launches into her career as an artist. Bless you both, and thanks for sharing an awesome post which I found very moving.