Friday, 21 November 2014

Team Spirit Love

Hi there folks.
I'm just chilling enjoying a day off today. Sometimes we all need moments to just sit, think and contemplate our blessings before we get caught up in the busyness of our everyday lives so I'm making the most of it.
I also thought I'd tell you about something "new" I discovered the other day that I think is just great for art journaling....
DecoArt Team Spirit Writers. Now, confession time; I ordered these by mistake, thinking that they were something else so when they arrived I was actually disappointed. Best mistake I have made in a while let me tell you! What they are are a waterbased Glass/Posterboard paint with a spong applicater tip. They dry to a lovely matte chalky finish which after about 3 hours is waterproof. The original use is for writing signs etc.
Not any more LOL as I discovered how cool they are in my journal to create great backgrounds quickly.
I started by covering my page with assorted colours (Ok, ALL of them bar white!) layering colours on top of each other in places.
 I then took one of my masks (Winged Pattern) and a moist wipe and began to rub away some of the paint.
 Doesn't it look cool?

 I added some white through the same mask and because the pens have a sponge tip I could add some cool circles too.
 All in all, this background took no more than 5 minutes to do (And that includes drying time.)
 This is the page now after I have added white pen details and a border.
 The words read : "Busy in the midst of chaos I struggle some days to focus in and hear the still small voice"
 I've also begun to add some pen doodles to which I will add more colour with inks to create further depth.
I have to say that I am really impressed with them. I often take a journal out with me and wish I had paints with me (Which is not practical as it is messy and they don't dry in time, you need water and brushes etc) Now I can pack these in my bag, no need for water and brushes but I can paint backgrounds on the go quickly and easily.
They dry quickly so are more suited to modern funky designs rather than subtle blended tones but the colours are lovely and vivid. There are purple, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black and white so all you need. I can just see circle designs, stripes and geometric designs etc which I can't wait to try out  too so watch this space........
I'd also like to say that this is an unsolicited "review" No one has asked me to try them or promote them.
 I'm not even sure if there are any shops that currently sell them here in the UK as I've not seen them anywhere. However I am sure that if your local craft store sells DecoArt Products they would be able to order them if you are interested.
Take care and I hope you all have a great and crafty weekend ahead.


Helen said...

Hi, Neil.. these look a very happy accident indeed! Love the bold vivid colours and your fabulous doodling/journalling. May have to go google...

mark gould said...

I'll be getting me some of these I think. The colours look great. Can imagine them being ideal for at journaling

Dee Adams said...

Love this I think the doodling is brilliant. Dee x

sandra de said...

These look fab and what a great journal page it has become.

ionabunny said...

These look like fun. I like quick said the impatient crafter. Love the page. TFS Hugz