Friday, 7 November 2014

Just time for a tag today

Good morning friends
This morning I have had a little time at home as I am working late night. So the first thing I did was nip down to the studio for a little potter and tinker.......
One of my more recent acquisitions from The Craft Barn was this Bloom Impressions tool. Now, me being me, I didn't buy any of the dies designed for use with it (yet....) as I wanted to see how I could use it with what I already had so on the packaging you can see the results of my first trial using a standard 6 petal punched flower. Not too bad, though I need to experiment a lot more to see how I can get the results I have in my mind.
 What I do like is the depth of the flower.
 So, I thought I'd make use of them straight away and took an embossed tag that had been coloured with left over paint. I swiped some archival ink over the tag to highlight the texture more.
 Wrapped some yarn around and stapled in place to hold.
 Then it was time to play; I challenged myself to only use stuff that was lying on my table already (which was pretty easy as I hadn't cleared anything away for a while LOL) and this is the finished tag.
 I added a couple of tattered floral flowers from book pages and used them as the base for my flowers. I tucked a reindeer into place.
 The stars are mdf shapes; with two layers of clear UTEE into which I stamped my Fantasy Stamp to add detail and gilded with Treasure Gold when cool. (these were two spare ones from a current Christmas project which I'll share later this year) I think they are pretty cool.
 Some detail added with some letter tokens and ribbon and wool to finish the top.
 Here you can see the lovely depth of the flowers. I know that these are not the best of flowers, I am sure I can do more but at least I felt they were usable which I think is not bad. Half the time my first trials get tossed into the bin!
This tag is going to form part of a larger piece that I want to do, hopefully it will all come, let me see if I can get a little more creative time in before I need to head out. Catch you all later.

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Janene McAnally said...

Well Neil I think you have done a brilliant job!! Love the colours in your flowers and the background of the tag is great! Eye candy :-).