Friday 31 October 2014

Assembling your hand crafted book (Bookmaking part 3)

Good afternoon friends.
Sitting here basking in the sunshine with the doors open and a warm breeze I find it hard to believe that is the end of October and tomorrow is November, it feels more like summer. Not that I am complaining !
But, I digress; today I thought I'd take a moment to finally share the last stages of book assemblage that I use when creating some of my books.
To refresh your memory - Part 1 was working with the cover and you can see the post HERE
                                        Part 2 was creating the inside pages and the original post is   HERE
So, this makes this post    Part 3 putting it all together. Shall we begin?
So, before we can assemble we need some decorative endpapers - these can be done in any medium you wish. The ones for this book have been created with Dylusions inks, masks and stamping. Cut two pieces of card stock to the same size as your inner pages. Decorate as desired and allow to dry.
You will need your inner pages and your decorated cover.
Other items required are glues, and tapes, which we will cover as we go along.

Take the end papers and score and fold in half (decorative side facing inside) as seen. To strengthen the papers, you can take some brown paper parcel tape and wrap it around the fold (No photo)
Take a piece of strong double sided tape and adhere to the paper, closest to the fold as seen.

Give the rest of the cover a reasonable coating of glue. Spread it out to give a thin covering. (You need enough to allow you to work but not too much that it will ooze out when you weight it down)

 Remove the double sided tape covering and adhere the end paper to the book pages as seen. Remember the fold line needs to be as flush as possible to the page edge.

Repeat this for the other side end paper.
 Take the inner pages and glue the back end paper to the back of the cover. Cover the top end paper with glue and close the cover onto it. Make sure everything is straight and neat and leave overnight under a heavy weight. Resist the temptation to fiddle. It is important to allow the glue to dry properly to help the book keep it's shape when you use it.
When everything is dry. your book is ready to use....... Gorgeous cover (Made by my daughter Alyssa)
 Fun and Funky end papers holding the inner pages together perfectly.
 The inner pages are a combination of card, patterned papers and old atlas pages.
 Some rusty old dog tags embellish the spine

 A great little journal, just ready to be filled.

Hope you found this useful and I'd love to hear from you, and do let me know if you've given it a go......


Sandie said...

A great tutorial Neil. You have a talented daughter too :)

cindy said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I ma just getting ready to make scrapbooks for 3 nieces. I know I can do it now. thanks for sharing

mark gould said...

Great help mate, I'll be using this ;-)

mark gould said...

Great help mate, I'll be using this ;-)