Monday, 10 February 2014

12 tags of 2014 - February

Good morning friends
I hope you are well.
Time to share my take on Tim's February tag. Not perhaps my favourite tag, but that's the challenge isn't it? Of course, it may have been because I had to improvise on a lot because I didn't have some of the product and also I just couldn't quite get the chalkboard techniques to work for me using a different powder. Still, I gave it a good shot! All the details of the original tag are HERE on Tim's post and this is my effort! (in stages)
Getting components ready. My base tag was cut from mount board, you can see my heart drying and then the lace is waiting to be silvered and my pathetic attempt at the chalkboard is in place LOL.
 I do like the background so after about 10 attempts at the chalk I gave up and kept the smallest passable piece, mounted it onto a scrap of card from another tag and glued it down. I decided to add the heart to a small metal tag (Well, I needed to fill up some space....) and used some small ivy to add a bit of colour. I attached a metal spinner in place with a brad.
 My favourite part is the background so I was happy to have more of it on show than Tim does and I added the silver heart charm to the top to carry the splashes of metal through the whole piece as everything was down at the bottom part of the tag.
 I used the vintage lace die for my trim, painted silver.
 So, here is the complete tag, I used ribbon and more ivy to tie the top which I thought worked well. I like the pop of green; it offsets the browns and reds nicely.
I know now that if I want to have any success at the chalkboard finish, I am going to have to invest in the right powder! But that's for another day.......
Hope you all have a fun and creative day.


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Such cute hearts...very fun!

rachel said...

Hi there - love your take on the tag - the ivy looks stunning - such a fresh green - love it x

Anonymous said...

I think it's lovely, the background is great. I have no clue yet how I'm going to do my take.