Monday, 9 December 2013

A Dickensian Christmas Festival

Good afternoon peeps.
Just in case you are not really in the Christmas swing I thought I'd share a couple of pics from a day out in Rochester yesterday. For those not in the know, Rochester has strong ties to Charles Dickens and every year they have a couple of events, one early in the year (The Sweeps festival) and then at Christmas they have a Dickensian Christmas with lots of character's wandering the streets, a Christmas Market, craft market, parades during the day and ending off with a lamp-lit parade and carols below the castle. Mulled wine and warm mince pies abound and lots of Christmas cheer.

 Lots of cheeky banter from these stilt walkers!
 Christmas Market and funfair in the castle Grounds

 Pipers leading the parade; these guys were amazing.
 What shall we put it delicately; a "lady of the night" soliciting all and sundry!
 Loved this, if you are in costume and want a picnic, of course everything has to be authentic.
 Just a couple of the amazing characters we met alomg the way.
 Sneaking off around the corner in broad daylight......
 Until the coppers arrived that is.
Though why they wanted to arrest me I don't know, I wasn't doing anything, honest!

 The weather was glorious, the sunset brilliant, the snow machine working full out to create a brilliant atmosphere for the end of the day parade and carols.

If you are ever in the area when one of these festivals are on I heartily recommend going. It's great fun and who knows, next year I may have got my own Victorian/Steampunk costume ready!

Today, I've been locked in my crafty world working on a book and a trio of chests so hopefully they'll be finished soon to share. Until then I hope you have a great afternoon and evening.


mark gould said...

looks like a great day out

rachel said...

looks amazing - what a fabulous day out xx

Belinda Basson said...

Thanks for the photos it looks like lots of fun.

Inkypinkycraft said...

looks great I have lots of happy and fond memories of Rochester , a great place x

Nan G said...

Looks like a fabulous festival! Thanks for sharing.

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing your day - what a fabulous event it sounds! I love the photo of the ferris wheel (is that what they're called?) by the castle - brilliant!

zandra said...

Looks so awesome, what a fab day! TFS.
Hugz, Z

Donna Holdsworth said...

I really enjoyed these photos! Thanks! Looks like a wonderful time:)