Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tid bits...

Good morning friends
No major thing to share today, just a few little things. Like this art journal page.....

 Only things used are pen and ink and Dylusions inks. Everything drawn, no stamping. The colouring done with brushes filled with Dylusions inks.
 Bright enough to cheer up the dullest of day!
 Splashes of water to break up the colour slightly....

Then, yesterday, I dusted off my Copic Markers and coloured a few images. Now I'm no expert with these and haven't done any classes on them so they are by no means brilliant; however I tried!

This was my first attempt.
This was my second. The hair is rubbish, kind of like the skin tones though I'm still in two minds about the darker shadowing which I added later. Still, just practicing so "mistakes" are how we learn what works or not.
This was the last one I did and the one I am most pleased with, though there are areas of shadowing that I think still need work.

One last thing. The Craft Barn now has a new website and blog. If you haven't been over yet you should as it is lovely and easy to navigate and see.
Click HERE for the website (and be sure to bookmark the page)
Click HERE for the blog (You can easily access the blog from the shop page too as it's all beautifully integrated now.)

Righteo, better get cracking again. Hope you all have a brilliant day.


Karen Busby said...

Yay found you! Your stuff is great. I am not at all artistic so envy anyone that is lol. Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Karen no.52 x

Nan G said...

Fabulously colorful journal page! Your copic coloring is definitely improving. Keep at it and you'll master it in no time. Hugs