Monday, 14 October 2013


Good morning friends.
 Well, it is a grey and miserable day here, what happened to yesterday's nice weather (Which I couldn't enjoy because I was at work).
No point in moaning about it, though I hope next weekend is better, but you didn't pop in to hear me witter on about the weather did you?

 So, how about this....... a new little journal called "Hidden"  A while ago, I made my 2 heart journals and as the inside pages were smaller than the A3 used, there were leftover pieces so I decided to make a couple of small journals from them. This is the first; I used one of my test pieces created with Thermomorph (See the full review post HERE if you are interested) and Decoart Texture Crackle paste to create loads of texture on the front cover.
 The spine is leather and attached to the covers with screw head brads.
 I used my Shoal Negative mask for the back to give texture but not too much bulk.
 Everything was then covered with layers of treasure gold and PaperArtsy Claret paint which gives a colour but because it is translucent allows the other colours to shine through.

 U used wire to attach the driftwood and a  small charm to the leather spine and glued a tiny feather to the wood.
So there you have it, one small journal with lots of lovely textures and shimmer. Hope you like it!


chris cesar said...

I realy love it! Never seen something like this in the blogs around! Very stunning piece of art!

whyducks said...

Love it!

Sandra Castle said...

Stunning! I soooo want to do this!!

Nan G said...

Wow! Cool cover with fab texture.

mark gould said...

love all those textures.the cracks look great and the new plastic stuff looks really cool.

Karen Gist said...

WOW Neil!!!!!! x

AngelicaS said...

I Love every detail.

hazel said...

xxx Hazel.