Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Tag time

Good Morning peeps.
Yesterday I shared painting on fabric and said I'd be back with a tag using it, so here it is.....

So, just a quick run through of how I made it.

I used a 10" tag for the base. I coloured it by using Cut and Dry foam (hard side) and blending all the left over colours from the mat yesterday after finishing the fabric. Because it was very watery it gives a lovely soft finish. I used the same to blend onto a smaller tag which had an image stamped in Snowflake and dried so the over layer created a resist image.
 I used Grunge paste through a mask onto the large tag and dried it.
I stamped some oriental fish onto the main tag. I also used the same stamp to create a border around the smaller tag and stamped the fish onto a spare tag (A crackled surface that I wasn't too happy with!)
I used London Night and Chocolate Pudding with Cut and Dry foam to edge the two tags, to highlight elements of the mask texture and I added some Treasure Gold to add some shine to the texture.
I cut out the fish and used a watered down Pumpkin Soup to add a layer of translucent colour to the fish.
Everything was then assembled with foam and brads. Ribbon through both tags, I tried to keep the fabric looser rather than totally flat to add interest and finished the bottom of the tag with some old jewellery

Another look at the finished tag (In case you've forgotten already LOL)

Take care.


ike said...

Absolutely COZMIC !!! This is so beautiful Neil. I LUV it :-D

IKE in Greece xxx

Karen Gist said...

This has turned out beautifully Neil. Many thanks for the tutorial using the paints on fabric x

Ria Gall said...

Hi Neil
wow what a great tag or should I say three tags. I love your painted material and then the embossing paste and colours bring everything together beautifully

Lynne Rattray said...

Love your work,anticipate your emails and want to be your twin sister :-)). I especially love tags but am a relative newbie to this craft.... What do people do with finished tags?
Canvases and cards are obvious... Do you give them as art gifts and/ or display them as you do with mini easels? Is there other ways to share? For someone with your level of talent can you sell them as you would any other substrate? (New word - I'm learning!;-)))