Monday, 20 May 2013

Hi there friends, hope you are well.
Not much crafting this weekend as I was on garden duty, with a little togetherness time wife my wife thrown in so it was all good.
On Friday I was teaching at The Craft Barn. We were exploring different techniques to create a journal using my Geometric book kit.
Here are a couple of the ladies enjoying the class and the books they made.

aren't they great?!

Nothing much happened on Saturday other than work then on Sunday it was off to the bootfair nice and early to see what was there..... I love seeing what there is, and it's great fun to people watch too!
I did manage to pick up a few bits to add to my altering stash.
A little travel album, some jewellery bits, the flowers (which are great when added to canvasses and painted) and then of course we all know Tim has just brought out his alarm clocks to alter so these made me very happy! I've already dismantled them and can't wait to see what I can do with them!

Then we popped down to Lewes and explored all the fabulous antiques shops which was fun too and then time was spent working in the garden while the sun was shining. I've been enjoying some studio time this morning but can't share anything yet but I'll have something tomorrow to share!
Until then, I hope you all have a lovely day too.


Krisha said...

How fun, those journals look wonderful. Great finds for your stash too. Have a great week.

Frea Konings said...

Hi Neil, love the artwork those ladies made. Looks stunning! Hugs Frea

Moggles said...

Thanks for a fab workshop really enjoyed it. Been showing off my journal with the amazing techniques you taught us to all who'll stop and listen! Hope to see you at the next one, Lucy

butterfly said...

Sounds like a great weekend's gardening, crafting and collecting!
Alison x

TwinkleToes2day said...

Wow, those books are fabulous! Great finds at the bootfair too :0)

Sioux P said...

Looks brilliant, really wanted to do this class but had promised to help son in his garden, MAJOR work hope to do it if you repeat it

Francesca said...

Your book cover look great, the ladies must have enjoyed themselves. Re your comment on WoW207. My cover came from a company clled Want 2 scrap. Had it for yrs, never knew what to do with it, til now. Love Francesca