Saturday, 20 April 2013

Journal pages

Good afternoon folks, it's lovely and sunny here in Kent this morning. I've even pottered about the garden a bit too, trying to neaten up and control the weeds that are beginning to come up. Still, you're more interested in my crafting than gardening I'm sure so here are a few of the journal pages I've been fiddling with recently

The first page was just done as I was sitting in front of the telly watching the events in America and though I was not planning anything, I found it good to do.
Then, my first foray into the world of Digi "Stamps" Ive watched in confusion how suddenly there are tonnes of these "Digi Stamp stores" popping up and I wondered what was the point. You see I love the tactile nature and even the smell of ink and rubber that proper stamping gives you. I am not a colourer inner.....
So the concept and attraction of this eluded me somewhat. Then I happened to win a digi stamp voucher at Smudgy Antics so here we are, my first page using  my only digi image.

 Dylusions masks and inks form the background, paint in silver and pearl has been used to add interest with various cards and blocks
 The image was printed out in different sizes and coloured and attached with multi medium.

 I like this page, very much. Am I hooked on digi; no. Will I use them again, probably, though I don't think they'll ever be a big part of my life! The big advantage is the ability to resize.
 Then there's this page, started in a class and finally finished off!

So there you have it. Now it's time for work so I will leave you to your weekend.  I'm also excited to see that my google follower count has just passed the 500 mark, how exciting is that? I think a giveaway is needed to celebrate so watch this space!


Monica said...

What white pen are your writing with? And surely Digi Stamps is a euphamism for images copied and resized? Hardly real stamps. I Thanks for discussing this.

Ria Gall said...

someone after my own heart where digi stamps are concerned. I love to have the stamp in my hand and the different inks standing by but as they say, there is a place for everything.
I am loving the colours you have used and the white work is very effective, love it.

Nan G said...

Digi's ... No thanks. I do like how used them but the stamped journal pages are even better!

butterfly said...

Fabulous pages... colour, life, soul (even the one with the digi stamp!)...
Alison x