Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Playing with Gelli

Good morning peeps.
Yesterday was a craft day with Mark and one of the things he brought along for us to try out was the Gelli Plate which seems to be taking the craft world by storm at the moment. I was curious to try it as I was wondering whether it would be something that I "must have"........

Well, to be perfectly honest, though I enjoyed giving it a go I came to the conclusion that it is not something that I would go to again and again. I confess, I got bored after a little while!
 I liked this; this was the image stamped onto card after pressing the stamp onto the plate to lift off.
 I like this little piece too.
 Some of the experiments
And look, a sneaky peek at one of my new mask designs, coming out soon!
 I kinda like the subtlety of this too.
So, would I buy one? I think in the end I will but the smallest one rather than the large one as I can see me using it more as a way to get a nice thin paint layer to stamp with or for creating small background pieces rather than whole big pages.

There is some amazing stuff out there done with the plate, I look at them and think WOW, so I'm not saying it's not a great product, just that it doesn't suit my style of working.

Anyway, just thought I'd show you what I was doing yesterday. I was doing other stuff too, but I can't share that yet (Boo hoo) Soon though, soon!

Have a great day everyone.


Karen said...

Although I am trying to keep an open mind until I see it used irl I have to say that the plate will probably be something I can live without. But I do like what you have done with it! oooo I am liking your new mask Neil....wonder how soon I can get my dibs on that one haha! x

Queenie Jeannie said...

That is very intriguing!!! I love the colorful backgrounds you made!

Michelle said...

Wondered wether to have a go with this myself Neil. Love what you have done here.
X Michelle

Ria Gall said...

I have still to try this but I really appreciate your comments on it as sometimes we rush into things thinking we MUST HAVE THEM because WE NEED THEM

Nan G said...

Thank you for honesty. Although these are some nice backgrounds, I think your stencils and masks are much more in the category of...MUST HAVE's!