Friday, 21 December 2012

The angel has landed

Good morning folks
Just 4 more sleeps till Christmas! Today is time to just sort out some last minute things, such as the ingredients for mince pies, fudge and muffins yum yum. Last minute family day shopping and enjoying the festive fun on Sunday and rest of the food shopping on Monday.......
In between all of that I have been doing some crafting but I can't share that yet as it's a gift that has not been given yet! But what was a pleasant surprise yesterday was this dropping through the letterbox. An angel from Morti. Isn't it lovely; a lovely steampunk angel. Thank you Morti.
 It is already hanging on our tree looking cool!

So, just a quick little look in to say hi today. Enjoy the rest of the day.


Francesca said...

Very pretty angel. I'm on the last legs too...but we don't decorate until the 24th in our family. Have a good one Love Francesca

scrappymo! said...

Very nice...what a littel Christmas surprise!

Thanks for the post you did a while back about the Supermarket card contest. My grandkids have done a card each to enter. the little guy's card is on my blog and I will post his sisters soon. They are so excited to go in the contest...teeheee Luckily they understand about contest and only one winner!
So thanks again and Merry Christmas!i

JoZart Designs said...

I'm loving your steam punk angel specially made be Morti. I also received mine which you can see on my blog and Serena is very different. It has been a fab swap seeing the angels landing.
Pleased to read that you are reasonably organised with just a few last minute preparations to make the season merry.
Have a truly blessed Christmas,and who knows what 2013 brings.Hope it's all good!
love Jo x