Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Happy mail and more....

Good morning everyone. I trust that it is all well in your world this morning.
Wet  it may be but I'm still going to enjoy my day! Thought I'd share a bit of a round up. On Friday I had a fun class at The Craft Barn teaching my flowers galore class. Lot's of very inky fingers by the end of class but everyone seemed to have a good time which is important to me. Then on Saturday and Sunday I kept myself occupied doing this
Tarting up the patio. We'd been blessed with some paving slabs a while back which I wanted to use to lay a path to the studio so I could get there in winter without getting muddy footprints everywhere but there was plenty left so I laid them on top of the existing concrete and in filled with calico slate and I think it looks so much nicer now, don't you? /water can still run off ok through the chippings so it's all good!
Yesterday was a good day too.Happy mail arrived from Jo of Jozart in the form of an angel. Isn't it fab!?

Lot's of bling going on here with gilding flakes and glitters; truly gorgeous so thanks Jo. Yours will be in the post today, I promise!

Yesterday, Mark came round and we actually managed to get some crafting done! We both had got a Tim Holtz configurations printers tray a while ago and decided to work on those together. I had a bit of a head start because I was impatient and had already covered and inked my base but Mark had to start from the beginning! Obviously I did not get it finished yesterday but was working on it last night too and thought I'd share a teaser pic for you!

Yes, I know. Not giving much away am I?
Hope you all have a lovely creative day too, wherever and whatever you may be doing!


Lottie said...

What a tease!!!!

JoZart said...

So glad she landed safely at your house and also that you like her. It's so much fun finding out who received which one as I made a draw when they were wrapped in tissue. Priscilla was named by my DD in Germany and somewhere someone has got Audrey, yes! Audrey!... named by my 3yr old grandee over there. They saw them on skype!
Love the results in your little teaser of your configuration box!
Jo x

mark gould said...

you tease lol
Looks like you are making good progress, I could not stop when I got home and finished the angel box off and a few other bits, want to do more now but must get on with other projects first.
Hope you have had more time today to crack on,If I can make it to woyww I might post some pics. have a great week.

scrappymo! said...

Ooooooh, I am drooling over this fabulous walkway.
I have a wonderful husband who is talented in so many ways...but handy is not one of them!!!
The stones are just gleaming and the crushed slate in between is a nice contrast in texture. You will be glad of the walk to your craft shed as you say.
Fabulous work!!!

Judie said...

Just love your angel as well, great desk there, lots of busyness going on, thanks for the snoop

judie NO-70 xx