Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Journalling class boards

Morning folks
I've not got much I can show at the moment though I have been busy I promise! What I can share is these boards I've done for my Art Journal classes at The Craft Barn. I call them "flavour boards" as they are to give an idea, or taste of the kind of things we get up to in each class rather than a definite, this is what we do!

So, class #1 is the starting block - various one layer background, using a variety of media; adding interest with paint; The basics of working with collage images, grounding and finishing. By the end of the class you'll have a number of backgrounds and will have completed your first page in your new journal.

Class #2 builds on from the first and shows ways of adding texture and interest to your pages without adding too much bulk. Using some interesting things this is a fun class that adds to the foundation.

Class #3 is generally more of a technical class where we look at ways of adding places for private journalling  flaps, pocket and secret places.

Class #4 focusses on the detailing. By now you would have a bunch of pages in your journals and this class looks and explores, Pen work, Stamping, those lovely words "Doodling and Hand writing" that strike fear into many a person! It's all in the details my dear!

So there you have the framework for the journalling classes at The Craft Barn. All these element together make up a page in greater or lesser degrees so as we explore these different techniques we gather tools and ideas that we use in our own unique way to create our personal journeys. Above all; it's great fun!

If you are interested in any of these then
Class #1 is Sunday 16th December (Details HERE)
Class #2 is Sunday 14th October    (Details HERE)
Class #3 TBA but will be in 2013
Class #4 is Friday 19th October      (Details HERE)

 Hope you all have a lovely day.


Rita said...

What fabulous art Neil. Pity I live so far away. Hugs Rita xx

suzieq23 said...

sorry, i would LOVE to take classes but would have to be home for dinner LOL since living in the USA! GREAT BLOG!! tks for all your inspiration every day.