Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Quick visit to the "Pool"

Hi there everyone.
Back home after a quick busy couple of days up North getting my eldest daughter settled into her first year at Uni up in Preston. She was so excited it was lovely to see so I managed not to be reduced to a blubbering wreck! Loads to unpack, huge notice board which made her very happy! So she's off on the next stage of her life.... Enjoy the journey.
 So that was on Sunday then on Monday before coming home I met up with Jo from Jozart (At last!) and had a cuppa and a chat. It was great to meet her and we could easily have chatted all day but alas I has a 5 hour drive to do so had to get going! Not before a picture though.

Jo also spoilt me with a goodie bag of treats to play with, I'm looking forward to playing with these! Thanks Jo.
Right, I'd better get off to work so I'll catch up later.


mark gould said...

One of those proud daddy moments I bet?
And what a great little goody bag you came home with as well.

JoZart said...

Thanks to you for the detour to meet up for coffee....and thanks too again for my goodies. If you read the comments on my blog you'll need a bigger hat... so many compliments for you but well deserved!
Jo x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah great catch up with Jo indeed did the same thing when i was in Manchester Neet arranged a meet up very very exciting!! Shaz in oz.x

Artyjen said...

I was at Preston....sure she will have a fabulous time ;) Think it's a bigger step for Mum & Dad than daughter though! LOL
xoxo Sioux